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  • After looking at shade78 renders, I've decided to tweak my skin settings (again).

    Here's the default base skin

    A more pale/gothic skin

    And another for darker skin

    I think the setup does quite well in mimicking both the upper skin layer which is transluscent and does not have much color and the lower layers where the colors, hemoglobin and fat are stored. The darker skin relies on having a dark skin texture for both the diffuse and SSS color channels though, but I think it offers the most flexible setup (I only need to load the requisite texture and perhaps tweak the diffuse colors a bit).

    The above presets with some, well actually, a lot more sheen.

    I haven't yet experimented on tinting, but that's pretty easy to do. Comments?

  • You're right. Those are with about 75% intensity (192/255), so I could still boost it if and when I want to. Ambient light needs to boosted to at least 100% as well. For indoor scenes, I can turn it down to 25%.

    With this setup, I can pretty much fake indirect lighting and still have some flexibility to render both outdoor and indoor scenes. Of course, I'll probably refine and tweak it endlessly. :)

  • Intensity is way off though if this should be direct sunlight. Sunlight is very intense.

  • Thanks miro. About that, I think I've figured out a light setup that doesn't suck.

    In direct sunlight

    Indoors, but still visible to sunlight

    Indoors, fully inside the shade

    The setup combines a directional light, one area light and ambient light in a quadratic manner (roughly, a ratio of 4:2:1). It's pretty close to an inverse square falloff, I think.

  • administrators

    seems daz' SSS skin looks quite good actually, I like all the skin flavors
    the only thing missing is realistic lighting

  • Thanks a lot hzr.

    Like I wrote in an earlier thread, my initial inspiration was your interior renders and Nerddesign's. It's a work-in-progress, but having settled on a UE2+Area light setup really helped me a lot. The walls (and that central window) are my biggest concern, since they looked out of sync with the rest. They looked better with indirect lighting, but render times are just too long (25 minutes without reflections). I could probably fake it by using slightly different materials for that particular surface, but the vendor tied them all to one surface. I know I could make a different surface with DS4.5 Polygon Group Editor, in fact I should've (but was too lazy to open DS4).

    3delight is a capable renderer. Too bad DAZ never provided enough documentation and tutorial to show what it can really do. At the very least, they should've provided a materials library, like Chaos and Autodesk. But, that's DAZ for you. Probably did it that way so vendors can make a living providing tutorials, materials and light setups.

    The skin does look pretty decent. I started out with Omnifreaker SSS skin preset, but tweaked it a lot and incorporated the diffuse map as a SSS color map (like my previous setup). Haven't mess with the US2 specific features yet, but they're not needed for skin. I still think there's just a little too much transluency - mostly on the nostrils (should be darker).

  • This is looking very nice. You wouldnt think of a DAZ Studio render on those interior shots, but I guess thats mostly because of how many bad ones you see around the web, where people just render ahead with some quickly thrown together things without optimizations :)

    The skin setup looks really nice and this is looking alot closer to the poser 2012 shader right now, which is quite nice to see. I am always torn between using too much or too little translucency on the sss but with those light settings its looking really nice and soft.

    About the red ears… Just fake it mate. Most of those textures usually dont put enough red tones into the ears anyways, so you can get away by just adjusting the red amounts inside the scatter texture around the ears. Take a look at the V5 textures (Bree), theres a good idea of how a sss map could look for these spots that should appear more blood flooded.

  • Ah, sorry. Had to delete a post. Yes. DS3 actually. I'm one of those unlucky folks who kept crashing DS4.5.

    These were all done by tinkering with the elite human surface shader.

    I've already started tinkering with UberSurface2, which offered layers, a fantom/occlusion switch and anisotropic highlights. Here's the migrated skin setup.

    This is probably the closest I can get to vray SSS material. The hands looked quite nice, but no red ears :(

    Some renders with different textures.

    Anais by maelwenn, my favorite.

    Angel also by maelwenn

    and of course, Lana

    Only the textures were swapped, so the settings seems to work OK with a variety of textures as long as they are not too bright.

  • I bought that whole house for 2 bucks a piece when they were just publishing. This is all in DAZ Studio?

  • Looking good If you want my 2 cents then I'd suggest adding more gloss to the mobile phones and wallet.

  • Bought the Deck the Halls bundle a while ago. With a PC coupon, the entire set was only U$ 2, so couldn't pass that up. I loaded up the master bedroom scene, added some extra bits and applied the materials I have. After some tweaking, I end up with these.

    Render time was around 25 minutes, due to the reflections on the mirror, walls and floor.

    Without the reflections, the whole scene took something like 5 or 6 minutes.

    Some everyday objects in the scene.

    Not quite there yet, but it's definitely better than using the default materials and my old setup.

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