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  • A little test image done for the commission I'm slowly working on.

    Kalisha and Pierce

  • Thanks man,

    And yes, Emily's hair is the Laurel one. I guess one day when I get around to playing with hairs more I'll try and upgrade it, but I think it works well enough.

    haha, I only created tumblr so I could follow other people but then thought it's probably an easier format to follow than blogger so started posting there too.

  • Very nice! Good to see you back on the block if only for a moment.

    BTW is the blonde in your av using the Laurel hair? :)

    Man…This sure is a lot to keep up with..all the blogs and all the tumblrs everyone has. Good to see you're doing well anyhow.

  • Wow, haven't posted here for ages. I've been super busy! Mostly with real life stuff. Got lots of things I want to render and not that much time so most things are moving slowly.

    Emily's Negotiation is still in the works, just waiting for more free time so I can learn zbrush for morphs and upgrade to the newer version of reality for faster and better rendering.

    Also will soon be officially announcing the other story I'm working on with Camille who can be found in her own thread here: http://affect3d.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4686

    In the meantime I'm currently in the middle of another one of my poll's this time for a short mini set involving Sydney with one of my monsters. Either the Giant, Imp or Plurrox are available for voting. The poll's on my blog so go their to vote and follow the event renders I'm doing on the side. Here is an image. Fair warning this is gonna be one of those sets with huge boobs and cocks etc.

    For those not into those particular proportions perhaps you might enjoy some of this instead. A sneak peak, part of a small commission I've been slowly working on for someone.

    Also I have a Tumblr now so follow me there if you use it, I'll probably update there more frequently once I get back into the full swing of things.

    So yeah, there's probably heaps of other stuff I haven't talked about here so I guess visit the blog to catch up on everything since I last posted :)

    Also If you care about Sydney please VOTE :P

  • Finally finished off this old set I started ages ago in 3Delight!


  • Thanks for the comment Miro,

    Yeah for some reason I seem to enjoy the idea of dick girls on some other alien race rather than human girls though that's just my perspective. This is my first attempt at one anyway.

    I like the gloss and thought it might work well seeing as it's an alien race and whatnot. Though you have a point about adding a bump map, I always forget to check something when It comes to materials.

  • administrators

    nice new character :) don't think I've seen you do dick girls before

    maybe a little too glossy, would prob work better if you added a decent bump map though

    interested to see how things develop

  • Been doing a lot of sneaky behind the scenes stuff for upcoming projects. Mainly world and lore building for the universe the stories will take place in. Of course They won't be done for ages and I'm quite busy IRL. Still, I made this the other day and though some people might be interested. Alien futa anyone?

    Still needs quite a bit of work, hair styles are wip. I think I'd like to try some better quality pony tail styles if someone has some vendor suggestions.

  • Thanks, I'm a fan of the glossy/oil look.

  • Awesome work there! Love the glossy skin!

  • A small, freely commissioned set with April and a Zombie is finished, check it out here: http://jimjim-renders.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/aprils-zombie.html

    Here's a preview :)


  • That's ok, I appreciate the help :)

  • ok, then i misunderstood you, sry.

  • Hey White-B, I was talking about using v4 maps with sledge hammers v6 genitals. I am already using the v4 maps on genisis 2 with no problems as seen above.

  • You can sva the V4 texture as a material preset as .duf. DAZ has a V to Gen 2 addon with a V4 UV map for gen2. With this UV map you can apply the .duf mat on Gen 2.

  • Finally Updated Emily to Genesis 2. I used GenX2 to transfer her morphs over from Genesis. I don't have a genital prop attached yet.

    I was wondering, Which Genitals prop is currently the best for Genesis 2/V6? I was thinking about getting Sledge Hammers but Emily's Textures are made on the V4 UV map so I'm not sure if I could get it compatible?

  • I think you're right hzr, however I'm actually a big fan of the wet waxy look.So this was practicality what I was trying to achieve. Now I just have to work on distance. When you move the camera further away the shadows start messing up. I think I have to play with different scatter scales for different levels of closeness.

  • You got the sss working but I would say it is too much right now. It is quite waxy looking that way. But you are on the right path with this.
    What I learned from re-reading dozens of tutorials about this is that you always have a diffuse component too, it is not alot, but usually 15-30% of the skin still looks diffuse. I doubt that it will be possible to get complex formulas into the basic ubersurface shader where you have diffuse amount based on viewing angle, but I am sure that dialing in a bit more diffuse might already to the trick in your case. Or reducing the sss radius, by doing that the skin becomes alot more opaque on thicker parts and stays relatively translucent on thinner ones.

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