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  • At 8 was my first real encounter…. I found a white tape (VHS) in the placard of my brother, I was curious, so I put the tape in the recorder of my parent's room, jejeje my mom told me that she heard a scream in her room and when she found my crying and when she asked me, what happen?, I said her that in the tv were killing a woman :) I was pure innocence :)
    After that when I was 14 I found my cousin watching in the tv a serie, that was not pornographic and explicit how the tape was it erotic... And my curiosity reawakened, I guess :P

  • At 13 I discovered porn, 12 when I started jacking off. Had to use my imagination for a whole year which when I look back on it I'm grateful for now as I think it helped my creativity. As for porn, well… I blame the internet.

  • When I got my own TV, so 5th grade or something… there were some softcore porn movies every Friday and Saturday on 1 or 2 channels. Hardcore (and Hentai) stuff came with the Internet a few years later... took some time till DSL reached the middle of nowhere and only 1 PC in the house didn't make it easier^^

  • @'hzr':

    She wanted it but I really had no idea what to do lol…

    lol, I remember the age of innocently thinking "I want to do more than just kiss her, but I don't know what the "more" actually is!" :D

  • Hehe, well I got it the other way around strangely. A girl that was two or three years older than me had a crush on me back then and to me she was just a friend but she always wanted to "play family" and we just got it going when I was around 10,11 or so, its really hard to remember now, but we did not go all the way but you could call it some heavy petting :) She wanted it but I really had no idea what to do lol…

    At the time I didnt really grasp what was going on since I really was an innocent child until that moment, but after that I went into "research" mode aswell, I think it was around 88/89, the time where Andrew Blake had put out some really erotic movies and I grew up watching these as a teen. I think thats one of the main influences and also a reason for me to try and strive for a more sensual way of showing my renders and not just pure humping all the time.

    edit : I also remember the name of the first porn movie that I wanted to watch on late night tv back then, but never really got to watch it until I was around probably 25 and actively looking for the title. It was "The Barlow Affairs". Back then I shared the tv with my parents kinda, and I had a cable that was going from their tv to mine and I was only able to see what they would see. So when I wanted to watch the movie I had to wait until they slept and sneak into their bedroom to change the chan. Always some big adventure! I worked hard for my softcore porn back in the days! :D

    That night they were staying up very late though and I missed the movie. Only years later I somehow remembered when we had a conversation with a few buddies about what the first porn was that we watched or wanted to, and then I started looking for this one.

    But that ends our little discourse into my psyche :D

  • When I was like 13 years old, I found the magic of midnight TV1000. It's softcore now, I think, but back in the days it was serious stuff. If was then when I found out how useful my right hand can really be :P

  • My Dad had Playboys and Penthouses in his nightstand. When I was 8 I found them :D Sometime around 1974, I think.

  • not sure exactly, but it was before the internet! (teenagers are spoilt for choice these days )

    Suddenly the playboys on the top shelf of the newsstand became a LOT more interesting than comics I'd been buying up to that point!

    As for actual porn, aged 15 at a friends house while getting drunk, he gets his dads stash out, his dad was into some messed up stuff (beastiality and bondage combined in one movie!?!?!?!) , put me right off the pizza I was eating.

  • It was probably around fourth or fifth grade. I was looking up some stuff on the web and ran into it. There it was: Some chick in a cheerleader outfit minus the top. I looked at it for another 20 or 30 minutes before I had to leave for school. :P Good times.

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