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  • Ok, once again, back to this model.

    I am having the darnedest time getting skins to match up with this model. I even tried my old stand by of copying all material objects from M4 and pasting them on the genitals and then just changing the diff, bump, and spec. Still no luck.

    Anyone have a a way of matching them up better?

  • Dude! Those links are the shit!!!! I just spent too much on torture device models this month, but I have a feeling that it will be my first purchase of the new year :D

  • I'd recommend that one the most. Libertine is great for very overexaggerated penis sizes and Ballistica is comical. I also recommend getting Jepe's RealsGen and Celebrity Morphs for Adz.They add some really awesome morphs and the textures are really sweet.

  • Thank you Supro. Right now I am using The Hustler because that seems to be the right size I use for my Futanari.

  • The set should come with a foreskin figure that's separate from the gens. You have to pick the corresponding gen and attach on it (like the Varsity or Hustler). The larger versions of Adz (Libertine and Ballistica) don't have it, so you'll have to manually adjust it on the gens.

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