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  • Been a little while, Icky. Any challenge for September?

  • @'dizzydills':

    I like what you did in the texture of the octopus


    Copyright By PJ23

    Be careful with that woman :D

  • I like the idea you went for PJ23. The creature being the girl and the guy being….lucky I guess. :D

  • I know the challenge is woman vs sea creature but I thought of doing it the other way around but sexy :D I hope that's alright, here's the images ;)

    Copyright By PJ23

    Copyright By PJ23 & Ickycrane

    A little bit of back ground:
    An Unknown species that lives & breaths in water, always horny for cock and feeds off semen to stay alive ;)

  • ohh :blush: , very perv, :P I liked, :D reminds me one old japanese picture :D

  • I know Icky was going for underwater action with sea creatures, but anything I tried to render "under water" ended up looking like ass. I still wanted to support the contest so I got an image with some sea creature action, its just above the water.

    In retrospect, I probably should have created a "water layer" for the image, but oh well.


  • administrators

    lol too funny, looks great :D

  • Nice artwork & dialogue Supro ;)

  • Finally my entry is done. I ended up doing a dialogue version as a bonus (though, that one doesn't need to be cumified. I saved the PSD :D). Enjoy!


    I'm thinking I should've add more penis to it. :P

  • @'Ickycrane':

    Sure no prob, Supro,


    Damn. It's gonna take longer than I thought because I like to start and stop the render. :P

    Anyway, I'll post it up when it's done. I really like how it's turning out and hopefully you will too. insert clown hat curly hair smiley face here

  • Sure no prob, Supro,


  • Hey. I have an entry I'm working on, but it might take until Monday to complete. Is that cool if I can still post one up?

  • @'Ickycrane':

    Shit, Komblkaurn! That's amazing! If you do more of that series, especially some blowjob stuff I'll cum it up for sure!

    Thank you Ickycrane! I'll get a few more done for you, and post here.:D

  • Yeah it's a good one alright, can't wait to see more. I'll be posting it this weekend.
    Until then, check out to see an image I did for Dizzy Dills. Green cum anyone?


  • I can't believe that scarlet joha-what model exists!!! that is just…....?!?!?!?!?! now if someone can just make it look like it did in "The Island" I will die a happy man, (but not before giving rep points to the artist ;)

    Every 3dx artist should own that model and any other models of that type (the look-a-likes)

  • administrators

    Cute monster you have there :) Black widow looks hot! Looking forward to seeing the cum shower!

  • Shit, Komblkaurn! That's amazing! If you do more of that series, especially some blowjob stuff I'll cum it up for sure!

  • Well it's getting to be about that time, so here's my Black Widow. I haven't completed the rest of the set yet due to laziness, but there are a couple others pictures on my DA. Natasha is in the middle of infiltrating a Soviet base, but accidentally runs into a renegade "secret project". Needless to say the mission has been compromised. Hope you enjoy! :)

    Due to size constraints I could only upload 1200x1500, but the original is 2400x3000

  • administrators

    I agree looks hot!

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