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  • After of scare me I think now the Mayans are as the great lazy of the history for not finishing their calendar

    Anyway, if the world did end, I think it would go like "walking dead" and in this moment I would be looking for the Rick's group T_T

  • How about this then? The date isn't what people think it is, but more like a point of no return. So, something (or someone) happened on that Mayan date that will bring the end of the world.


  • Supermassive Blackhole!, unlikely but a real "abandon all hope" scenario

    The recent yearly Geminid meteor shower has been growing in intensity over the last few years, so a "rapid fire" asteroid collison based apocalyse could happen.

    Also I think we are coming into the solar maximum (when the suns output cycle is at its strongest) so theres always a chance of a big solar flare either frying one side of the earth (like in the Nicolas Cage movie "Knowing"), or just wiping out the planets power grid, essentially sending us back to the middle ages

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