How do I fix the color on my HP Printer

  • How to change HP Envy 7155 Printer offline to online
    The most common error found while handling the HP Envy printer is the HP Envy photo 7155 offline error. This error is nothing but the various issues regarding the network setup or wireless connectivity of the printer or for your router is not working properly, and many more. The major causes of HP Envy Photo 7155 offline issues are as under:
    • Customization problem: This is the problem causes for setting changes of the printer. Sometimes the user changes their setting of the printers which is not proper and appropriate. That is why they start facing the problem of customization issue with their printer.
    • Wireless connectivity problem: When the wireless connectivity is not appropriate that is if the wireless connectivity between the printer and the router is not correctly. It usually happens because of not knowing the proper password and username for the networks, etc. To overcome this issue one should need an expert advice and guidance to setup your printer wirelessly.
    There are many other problems for which your printer will create various offline errors. But in this article, we will mention various remedial measures that will help you to overcome the issues which will be very easy to understand for you. Try this out and if not satisfied you can call us on our HP envy customer support phone number.
    How do I fix my printer that won't print in color

    Steps to be taken for the HP Envy 7155 error
    If you are facing the error and unable to fix it out then you can try the following steps:

    1. Download the print and scan doctor.
    2. Install it and utilize it to diagnose the 7155 offline issue.
    3. Stick to the troubleshooting techniques suggested by the application.
    4. Now check whether the printer is online or not.
    5. Check the wired or Ethernet connectivity status of the printer or computer or the router.
    6. Now you need to check the light indications on the printer’s front panel.
      Now if you face any more difficulty or unable to fix the issue then you can call us on our printer support customer care number and get all the solutions for your problems from our technical expert team.

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