Groupon Refund Policy

  • Groupon is unable to offer a refund after seven days. But keep in mind if your Groupon is expired then you can get a refund for purchase from the merchant who issued the voucher in the minimum amount you paid.

    Refund Policy for GetaWays:- Groupon offers a refund on any unredeemed GetaWays voucher up until the date restrictions. GetaWays often have some restrictions on when you can stay and by when you need to book the vacation.

    GrouponLive Refund Policy:- Events purchased through GrouponLive are non-refundable after the date of purchase. You can get your Groupon refund in GrouponLive.

    Groupon Goods Return Policy:- Certain restrictions apply for Groupon Goods but depending on the item, you can return most Groupon Goods and gets a refund within 30 days of receiving them.

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