How do I contact Gmail by phone to delete multiple emails

  • Gmail has a vast inbox storage capacity and can store emails upto unimaginable limits. However, you might feel the need to delete redundant emails simultaneously but are unable to do so. If this case arises, you might think how do I contact Gmail by phone. In this case you can always refer various expert websites to solve this issue.

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    Can you say that you have made the "Big Time" when your work is stolen to be used on a porn site that is not your own? :)

    3D Vid Tube used one of my futanari images in its cavalcade of stolen work. Mine is the sauna scene.

    You mean someone else is making the big time stealing your stuff :) It's nice that your recognized in "some" way but you need to be clear about the fact that you're making nil dollars and these guys are making a heck more than that :)


    You know you have made the 'big time' when you can actually make a descent living from producing and selling your art.

    yes, this would be a better indicator :)

  • You know you have made the 'big time' when you can actually make a descent living from producing and selling your art.



  • mostly the head of the site. Do it like this:

    "Hello, I am the creator of (xyz-art). I would like to request that u remove any of my work from your site, as I hold all rights to all of my works. I would also ask that should your members need to see more of my work, it is encouraged to come to my site at (insert url here) Thank you for your time."

    Most of the time, they will comply.


    but as jbtrimar said, they would most likely flip the middle finger. Who knows?


  • I believe that it would do no good. I believe many of those sites are outside the U.S. and as such, simply ignore you. I do commissions on the side to make a bit of cash, but I think this is the first time I have ever seen any of my work appropriated to be used in such a manner. I just always felt my work sucked too much to be noticed. :|

  • I've seen some of my stuff on those kinds of sites and was about to post something about that. Seriously, who do you have to talk to in getting them to remove your stuff?

  • these sites are misleading. They try to turn stills into videos but there's one thing. Unless you have the original files, that's impossible. Also when you enter the members area, you just see hentai clips that can be seen by anyone who searches the right keywords on Xvideos. But hey, a intrepid mind would find out about this and will try to get more from the artist. And they will find their way here, and to jbtrimar's site. If they happen to like futa\dickgirs well, another new fan of your work! It's all good!


  • I think you can, and you can also judge by how often you see your work on file sharing forums

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