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    Let me put it this way. To me yes it has to look realistic but not necessarily real. For example a huge dick should in some shape or form seem within the reals of reality when it's carefully maneuvered down a girls throat, but I wouldn't go as far as ensuring all biological internal organs are accounted for.
    Another example is exaggerated boobies swinging, I don't mind that at all, as long as their not doing summer saults or similar.

    I think the bigger issue in general is that 3DX artists aren't keeping with reality but that their models have limitations and it's difficult to iron out those faults, plus things like animation for example take months of practice to get somewhere in the realm of reality.

  • I wish you had picked a better example, Fred. A sexy expression in an airtight pose is doable, in real life. Sure, there's a lot of acrobatics involving participant's positions, camera angles and lighting but it can be done in live action porn. I understand the point though.

    For me, all 3dx, particularly using prebuilt, widely available models like Gen3, Gen4 and Genesis will always be unrealistic since the figures themselves are unrealistic (both in proportion and joint bends). Bad posing just add to the mix, more so if there's no workaround (either morphs or via postwork). It's like looking at those postworked (photoshopped) model shots - there's an uneasy feeling that things just doesn't look right.

    Here's a rendered example.

    Now don't get me wrong. I really like Epoch's work and admire what he's doing, but the shot above could do with some improvements, particularly on the shoulders, inner elbows and knees. The pose itself is doable in real life but showcases the base figure shortcomings.

    I'm completely ignoring the fact that Clara's proportions are freaky even compared to that first pic.

    Granted, you could get away with it (somewhat) if you're rendering manga/toon figures or fantasy characters.

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