Business School in Hyderabad

  • In finance, the term “B-School” is a shorthand term that refers to schools that specialize in business subjects. B-Schools are known for their highly competitive admission standards, with the most sought-after schools regularly rejecting over 90% of applicants. IMT Hyderabad is one of the best Business School in Hyderabad. These schools have also been the subject of debate in recent years because of their substantial financial costs. B-Schools are similar to other post-secondary higher education institutions, except that they are focused on subject areas related to business and finance. Common examples include accounting, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In some cases, schools will offer specialized programs in less common areas of study, such as actuarial sciences or taxation law. As with other institutions, various rankings exist which aim to help students assess the quality and prestige associated with specific schools. These include rankings published by The Financial Times, The Economist, and BusinessWeek, among others.

  • @'Alpensepp':

    Soundeffects… are usually pretty amusing, e.g. the "cum sounds" psshhhhhhhhhh like a fountain... amazing :P

    Yea, they need better foley artists :), besides if it makes any noise when you ejaculate go see your doctor lol

  • If you have any sort of dialog, or otherwise babbling characters some decent voice acting is kinda important imo.
    I mean never underestimate the combo poor writing + amateurish voice acting for some additional laughs, but if you're still laughing during the sex scenes, something went wrong… really I can't watch English, or German dubbed Hentai it just sounds too bad in most cases (not that I gave the dubbed stuff too many chances though)

    Soundeffects... are usually pretty amusing, e.g. the "cum sounds" psshhhhhhhhhh like a fountain... amazing :P

  • administrators

    The sound isn't going to be the initial deciding factor, but it can sure negatively or positively effect the entertainment value. Umemaro's Dr Sugimoto was a revelation in that area, her voice acting elevated the overall excitement factor 10 fold. Also the right squishy noises are important, especially for 3DX it can enhance the realism, but at east don't use clunky noised that detract from the experience, unfortunately currently a lot of 3DX productions don't pay enough attention to this.
    I personally love voices in the mid range, not too squeaky high or low.

  • Movies are weird without sound, its definitely essential, but the japanese make horrible squeaky voiced soundtracks (and I find the japanese language a complete turn-off)

  • Agreed. For me, Angel Blade:Punish would not have been good to me without the voice actresses.

  • In video? Essential. In fact, if it doesn't match, or seem appropriate, it is distracting.

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