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  • Placed the refund request on Cash App Support page and till now the request is not processed then reach Cash App Customer Service as by doing you can find out that why your request has been not processed. For getting the details on the refund you can reach the customer care executives at any time as they are always open to clear your doubts. .

  • sorry late answer been flat in the bead with a pretty nasty fever for a couple of days.
    Render settings is on max"best" in the option
    And res is 1920x1080

    and it is grate news if the octane render will be implemented in daz studio. :)

  • DAZ Studio will have Octane Render integrated very soon. Probably around Q1 2013. Plugin is in the works right now, you can search in OctaneRender announcement forums for it.

    Also, Cryengine Cinebox will probably be around next year aswell. They have been in development quite some time now and it looks great. Not sure how well this will work with poser/daz figures though.

  • I'm spending more on Nvidia GPU, since it can do both Rendering and Physics. I hope 3D softwares would start using GPU rendering and computing, especially Daz(blender can already use Nvidia GPU rendering for free).

  • As far as I know, Core i7 920, have 4 cores, two thread per core (via Hyperthreading).

    What are the render settings/resolution?

  • I have a
    I7 920 dual-core
    Radeon 5870
    12Gb ram

  • What computer setup are you running?

    On XP with no vid card 3gb of ram I took a while to do something simple when it didn't crash.

    With 7, 16gb of ram and a 2gb vid renders take a few mins. Probably as long as an average song.

  • Yep, SSS will do that. It's that precomputation that's taking so long.

  • it is the default scene lights for the moment, but i think i found out what it was, i turned off the sss and it went down by 6 min :) so it is now at roughly 2 min and i can live with that. :)

  • I moved the thread over to the proper area.

    Now what kind of light setup are you using? Is it the same one as the V4/M4 one?

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