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  • Bobby, nothing wrong with that. I love me some more mature women, they have something wonderful that no one else ever could have at a young age. Energy can only get you so far, experience and intelligence and attitude get the rest. For me, my taste has not really changed that much, I just wish I could find what I want.

  • One scary one for me is that I find I'm finding older women attractive.

    Before the current year, I don't think I've ever thought "she's hot" about a woman over her mid-30s, yet now even a couple of women in their mid-50s have impressed me.

    Yikes! I'm getting old. :(

  • Not really. I still have a thing for cute girls with red hair.

  • My taste hasn't changed, but it has become more refined over time, in other words, if I look back at the women I've liked throughout the course of my life I can see what it is about them that I liked, and also how the things I liked about them are things that I like about my current "crush list"

    Dunno if that makes sense or not :D

  • @'Supro':

    As we grow older, things that we enjoy seem to change. From music, TV, and movies, our taste in these things changes. But what about our preferences in girls? Do we still enjoy what we used to back in the day or has our perception completely changed? Same for guys (directed to the women posters or some of you males out there). Has your taste in girls/guys changed over the last few years?

    No for me not.
    Naturel looking, without makeup or only very little. Strong personality, mostly short hair tomboy like, sexy ass.

    of course there are things that change from woman to woman, but that is nothing that i would say is part of your subconscious tast. In my case: Little or big Breasts. Piercings, Tattoos and such things. I find all these things very attractive but they don´t need to be on a girl i prefer.

    Type of Woman/Girls i prefer.

    Things i´m attracted to: ( a few only)

    hope it answers your question a little
    in honor katzekage

    P.S. first yes i know they all looking young as hell but i don´t search 7 million pictures ^^ i used the first i found. Second i realy would like to show my real Girlfrends in this thread because i think i was lucky all my life and had such beautiful woman at my side, but i never ever post a pictures of them without there permission, it´s a question of decency and good education.

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