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  • Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad was established in 2011 as an institution that would be managed by a society. IMT Hyderabad offers 2-year full time residential PostGraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Program and also Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program for Executives. Widely experienced faculty, state of the art infrastructure combined with innovative pedagogy and rigorous learning processes render IMT Hyderabad as the most apt platform for grooming and molding the business leaders of tomorrow. IMT Hyderabad constantly endeavors
    to provide its students an excellent learning experience through unique pedagogy and curriculum that matches contemporary business requirements. IMT Hyderabad Top Business School in Hyderabad firmly believes in imparting holistic development of the future leaders to face the hallenges of today’s dynamic world. Over the years, achievements of our students have strengthened our belief in their potential to create an enviable future for themselves at the same time proving themselves to be a responsible global citizen.

  • I seem to remember it was working in DS4 (pre-DS4.5). Saw your post in Oct/Nov, so I guess no one filed a bug report? Well, that made me go back to DS3 again.

    DS3 had that favourites tab, but it was locked into certain parameters. The best option is the pose tool, but I know how you hate DS4's gizmo.

  • Yeah I was gonna say that about the LOD. I did try this when I was experimenting on getting the best speed possible out of the V4 figures in the DS4.5 viewport :/

    Its just one of the many lingering quality of life bugs that they dont seem to fix. I dont believe they will ever fix this tbh, since its "just V4".

    Another thing that drives me crazy is the fact that the actor menu is only shown when you select the root node… They really need to put someone at the task of improving workflow speed and fluidity. I would love a tab for example that shows ONLY the rotational and translate sliders and nothing else besides this. Or even better, a tab where you can drag sliders, kinda like a favourites tab that doesnt have any clutter in it. This would be perfect for quick access of most used manipulations.

    I wrote a pm to one of the guys, hopefully someone finds the idea good enough and they actually got some time to do this, at least fix the actor menu issue...

  • Try using the LOD feature. I found it helps a lot with viewport speed.

    I also believe that is a DS4 issue, since posing with Active Pose in DS3 works just fine.

    Seems like the Add LOD script in my DS4 is broken. Loading LOD manually works, somewhat. You can't select items via the viewport (only through the scene tab). Posing is more fluid though, just like in DS3.

  • Might not be an issue on genesis. But on V4 it was noticable. I tested a bit when trying to optimize the viewport for speed on V4 and BB was quite sluggish on active pose movement compared to the regular mesh and I think PV4 aswell, since they use morphs. So my guess is that this has to do with the magnets.

    Genesis is really fast in the viewport though so this might not be that much of an issue. I would still rather go for morphs if you can work it out. Once a scene gets more populated, every bit of speed counts :)

  • Really? Works just fine with my system. The number of magnets are still very low right now.

  • Looks okay so far. Hard to really tell at subdiv 0 though :)

    If possible, try to stay with morphs since magnets seem to really slow things down when posing.

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