PGDM in Marketing Management

  • PGDM Marketing is a marketing management program with a special focus on the role and importance of marketing in modern businesses. Students learn the inside out of the modernbusiness world and are groomed to become highly creative and focused marketing professionals.The PGDM in Marketing Management at the Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMTH) is a program for aspirants in management, seeking to pursue Marketing as their major specialization.Marketing is undoubtedly a function that helps an organization to generate its revenue through identifying and satisfying customer needs. The PGDM Marketing program will prove to be beneficialto the students who have a predetermined choice of their specialization and will give them the rightdirection in their professional growth towards a career in Marketing. The program has been curated forpeople seeking knowledge and skills in the domain of marketing but also allows them to supplement thiswith the option to choose a minor subject from the other fields of study. This course will help in shaping
    the individuals into dynamic corporate ready professionals through a deep understanding of marketing strategiesand business acumen they would have garnered by the end of the program
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