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  • Thank you so much as you have been willing to share information with us. We will forever admire all you have done here because you have made my work as easy as ABC. But do you know about the “canon pixma mg2522 printer setup” issue? No? This will help you.

  • I have been a Poser user for 15 years. I actually have no issue with the controls, as I always loved Kai Krause's layouts (which Poser 3D tried to emulate). I have never used keyboard shortcuts, so I can't really help, but if you have other questions, maybe I can suggest stuff.

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    I only like Poser for morphing, then export and put it into a real 3d editing app lol. I hate Poser.

    U mean dial in morphs I assume.
    It's terrible for actually creating morphs!

  • Yeah I am not using Poser at all normally. I pose in Daz Studio and Carrara, then export to Cinema4D. My only reason to use Poser right now would be the new Skin Shader, which looks really good when used properly.

  • I only like Poser for morphing, then export and put it into a real 3d editing app lol. I hate Poser.

  • Ah okay, thanks for the heads up. Gonna try and change the config a little and see if I can get used to it somehow. I am really looking forward to the weightmapped V4 and this seems Poser-only so far. Thats mostly the reason why I want to look at Poser again.

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    Yeah you can change all the keyboard short cuts manually via the corresponding config file, which is located in {Poser Install Folder}/Runtime/ui/Poser.xrc just make sure back up your original first :)

    I don't think you can do rotate, translate those sorts of things easily like in other programs, Poser is very pointy clicky. You prob could do it via scripts and assign a keyboard shortcut to the script.

    The new features in Poser 2012 like camera orbit over the current object like in Cinema 4D helps a lot. Also the context menu via right clicking an object has some useful options now.

    For me with Poser you have to get used to somewhat of a different work flow vs other 3D programs.

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