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  • Also they should only show certain music videos at an age-appropriate time of day, I think its only a matter of time until rap videos are just movies of girls riding big dildos or have lyrics consisting of "uh…. yea... suck the dick bitch.... uh... yea... swallow cum y'all"

    btw I used to listen to a lot of rap, so don't call me an ignant cracker fool

    Basically I believe in censorship as a method of protecting children from things they should'nt see, hear or learn about, but adults should be able to decide what they want to see free of restriction (with all the obvious exceptions)

  • well censoring explicit sexual content in state tv shows specially before 23.00 or 0.00, i think its a yes

  • I hate all censorship. If I happen to come across something that offends or disgusts me, I have only myself to blame for looking at it. As a grown ass man I can decide for myself exactly what I can and can't see.

  • they should censor justin bieber or nicki minaj music :P jcking

  • There are some things I think censorship is necessary for and some I don't. Child Pornography, that's pretty much a given. Regular pornography, not so much.

  • Governments should never censor anything. Restricting access to minors is one thing, censoring is another. THe moment we censor something, be it an opinion, a picture or a thought, we start down the path of a totalitarian dictatorship. They control the media and the they start controlling our opinions. This is not a slippery slope, this is a bad road. No government should ever start to censor, and those that do will rapidly find themselves doing worse and worse things. There is never an excuse to censor.

    And it doesn't work. They tried to ban liquor in the US (in a way, a form of censorship) and it created a thriving illicit economy. The same would happen if they tried to censor porn or anything else. Even hate speech should never be censored. Put a label on it to attest to what it is, but leave it there intact. Let people see the idiots that spew it, and know what hate is, so we can learn to not hate.

  • hummm, i have to agree sometimes i want to punch some hypocrites/idiots that talk too much and knows nothing over the tv/internet, i mean those guys shouldn't really speak in public… but censorship... :S

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