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  • Thanks hzr!

    I've seen some really nice renders as well and they have inspired me to dig into ZBrush rendering. I'm hoping I can spend more time in the next couple of weeks actually working on something… we'll see.

    As for the render engine, I think its an internal, proprietary renderer only available in ZBrush.

  • Looks quite nice already. Btw, I have seen some really good renders out of ZBrush before. Anyone know if they use a native engine that is exclusive to ZBrush or is this a render engine that is also used elsewhere?

  • Yep its a ZBrush render.

    I'm not sure what causes the rough strands yet. I think it might be the taper of the strand. I think I need to see if I can find a setting to adjust when the strand tapers off. There are sooo many settings though.

    He he. I just gave up on brushing and thought it was good enough to test a render. There is so much to manage. I saw a tutorial for another hair system mention to only create strands for the crown and front side you don't have so many strands to manage.

    Also not terribly happy with the roots.

  • administrators

    did you render this inside zbrush? the strands look a bit rough at the base, plus she needs to comb the right side a bit more :) but good to see you having a play with fibre mesh!

  • Playing around with fibermesh in ZBrush.

  • Thanks. It didn't seem that AO was set (at least where I knew to look). I think I had too many lights set up. There was an extra light hidden in my preview, but I forgot to turn it off in the actual render.

    I'm trying out a couple more with less lights. This one is 2 lights and 500 samples vs 250 in the previous images. Still horrible lighting on my part, but a step in the right direction I think.

    Okay. Last set of renders for this purpose. 500 samples with 1 light. Will play with shaders and be more sparse with uploads next time around.

  • This is probably ambient occlusion. Try looking for this in the render settings.

  • Changed the name of this thread from 30 day monster challenge. I'll revisit that later in 3D. Drawing is a pain.

    I've been playing around in Blender lately. Here's a render with the Cycles render. A4 for Genesis with some Satsuki bits and one of the stock poses.

    Will have to practice with the lighting a bit more ;). I'd like to figure out how to get the direct render (first attachment) to have slightly darker shadows like the slightly edited second attachment. I'm also interested in playing with shader set up a bit more. This is the Satsuki texture.

  • administrators

    Hey, great start but where are all the other Monster girls? You missed a few monsters :(

  • Thanks!

  • Nice start. There's a lot of good motion in that sketch.

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