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  • Well I am not disagreeing that is not an ideal setup. Its just that I have two machines, 1 with 3 x nvidia cards and 1 with 1 x ATI 7970. When I hit render on the Nvidia machine, I just move over to the ATI machine to waste time gaming or some such. The render times are so low with high level of quality, I your wait time with high end cards would be ultra low. CRAZY!

  • Why not go for a switchable graphics setup? For instance, if you have Core i7 LGA1155, use the integrated GPU for desktop and applications and run the renders on addon boards. I think that's the best combo at the moment.

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    Since Octane only uses GPU resources, if you have the system GPU switched off nothing should be affected. The only thing you wouldn't be able to use is Poser at the same time or can you, never tried it? If you use Max you could run a second instance :) So I don't think you even need to use a second system.

  • To mirror what HZR is saying, if I intend to do anything I disable the card my monitors are attached to for the render. OR I actually just have a second system to use while I run a render.

    I am thinking of getting a KVM switch so I don't have to literally switch seats.

    I will post some examples when I get a moment. HZR, are you using octane mostly now?

  • Yup, granted you need a good system, then, speedwise and in terms of quality theres currently nothing that can beat it. Will be very interesting to see how NVIDIA progresses the CUDA standards and texture limits and such.

    The thing I love most about it is that you can get a really good feel of how the lighting will look, almost instantly. Also the preview you get for surfaces is great. The DAZ plugin will feature realtime geometry changes, so you can move and pose things and the viewport will automatically update this, which is a treat to work with, I can assure you :)

    Just a tip for those who are interested in getting Octane. Make sure that you either have 2 cards or an onboard gpu that you can use for the interface display, while using Octane. Octane uses almost the entire processing power for the rendering, which can and most likely will slow down your graphical display while you got the render process going. So if you plan on using your system while its rendering, you better make sure to have that backup gpu doing the display of everything else.

  • UPDATE: I gotta tell you guys… I am really glad I decided to get into Octane. The renders are so fast. Don't get me wrong, I have two 650tis and one 660ti cranking away. But the quality of the engine and the speed are awesome. I did not really get how fast it was until I ran an actual poser render for the first time yesterday... I was like.. WTF!!!!!!!


  • My shit is running now that I have a 650 ti 2gb. They run about 138$ so I already ordered another. I am now trying to learn the shit.

  • I only have a GTS 450. And even that cause me to put in a 750W power supply. My machine is just getting too old. It is a Dell XPS 420 running Win 7 64x and 8 gig RAM. It is good for what I do currently. I guess I will just have to wait for Reality since that will possibly be 50 bucks.

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    Right that setup is not cheap! It looks like it's worth it, but yeah it's not an impulse buy, I would say :D Also keep in mind that you need to have the right card, particularly for RAM heavy poser scenes! Must be Nvidea and I'd say min is a GTX 550 with at least 2GB.

  • Just in case anyone was wondering, not only do you need to buy the plugin for Poser, but you need to buy the stand-alone product as well. The whole thing cost $360.64 US. WAY too rich for my blood. :(

  • @'miro':

    btw, seems my prediction was correct ;)

    And what that will be?

    Anyway, I guess I was right in saying that something else will beat Reality to the punch. Even if it's more expensive.

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    That video looked great for the Poser product. Wish I had the cash on hand.

    btw, seems my prediction was correct ;)

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    I've tried it…. is good :) means I can put my gtx collection to use I spose
    u need a decent gtx like a gtx 580 3gb 20% faster than the 680!

  • Hrmmm, I guess am glad I bought it when I did. My new 650 ti is on its way atm. I will let everyone know if I ever have some success.

  • Well Octane just release Version 1.0 (everything else was beta) and up the price to double what it originally was. So getting Octane + Poser Plugin is gonna almost the same price as Poser Pro 2012 does on Amazon.


  • Ah, you should keep in mind that octane does only make use of the video cards memory. Once its run out of memory, which can happen fast on those massive 4x4k textures, it will not render any more textures.

    I recommend downscaling textures to sizes between 2x2k or even 1x1k. With this you will still get enough detail but your figures wont take as much ram. Also when using greyscale textures you should use the floatimage type and only when youre using coloured textures you should use the image type for the texture. This saves ram aswell because the floatimage type uses way less memory to store the textures but only works with greyscale textures.

  • I can tell you that so far… I cannot render shit. I keep getting a cannot render error from the plug-in. I started a thread over in their support forum. I can load an obj and do the scene in standalone Octane no problem. The plugin render way gives me the fuck you everytime. Bummer!

  • I did a test a while back with one and two 8800GT. For me, a single 8800GT is only 'fast' enough with direct lighting. Once you use PMC, the sample rates falls to what you get with Luxrender hybrid GPU mode (150-200K). Adding a second card helped, but its still too slow.

    A single Gen4 model with textures (color map only) seems to take about 250 MB of RAM.

  • Am I missing something, or is this PC only, no Mac?

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