Difference Between MBA Vs PGDM

  • More often than not, the Difference Between MBA Vs PGDM is considered the same thing. Understanding the difference between the two as an aspirant allows you to plan, structure set new targets and discover opportunities to align your decisions for your present and future prospects. So, let us get right to it. In institutes offering PGDM, the faculty are more qualified and bring the latest corporate learnings unlike in MBA colleges which have outdated rules of universities that restrict this aspect of the spectrum. Except for the PGP programs offered by IIMs and few other top B-schools, MBA programs are much older. These MBA colleges have created a huge alumni base as compared to newer PGDM colleges. According to the business magazines and student-centric websites, 90% out of the top 100 institutes offer PGDM courses in India which cater to providing a holistic experience. MBA colleges are anywhere far behind compared to PGDM colleges in ranking but offer standards that are uniform and globally accepted.

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