Diffrence Between MBA Vs PGDM

  • Diffrence Between MBA Vs PGDM short for Master of Business Administration is a Post Graduate Degree in Management. PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. MBA is a Master's degree and only recognized universities orcolleges affiliated with such universities are allowed to offer the degree in Business Administration. IMT Hyderabad firmly
    believes in imparting the holistic development of future leaders to face the challenges of today’s dynamic world. For more details please visit us.

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    jeez, they do look like they could be bigger, but at that size it's impossible to keep a good looking shape for real girls :)

  • Well it looks like Chelsea may have some competition from a German gal named Beshine.
    By the way I'm not really a fan of fake tits especially when they're this huge. :rolleyes:

  • HO please!!! O_O poor… she must have some incredible back pain, don't lie

  • @'Supro':

    In fantasy, huge boobs look awesome. In reality, do not want.

    100% agree.

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    that size is even too big for my taste :)

    I really don't care whether their fake or not (unless they come with heavy stretch or incision marks) what counts is the shape and feel. But the problem in general is that really hot looking girls don't go for extremely big boobs so there's no good point of reference :D I guess it's up to 3dx artists again :) Although about half that size would be a good max size I think :D

  • besides the woman its ugly herself

  • In fantasy, huge boobs look awesome. In reality, do not want.

  • urgh they r ugly, i wonder how much silicone she has on them…

  • Is she the woman who smashes things like watermelons and even bricks with her breasts?

    I don't like, they just look silly and totally out of proportion

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