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  • I consider the mental faculties of the "beast" to designate whether or not its beastialty. If its animalistic and non sentient its beastiality. If its sentient then its monster sex. Humanoid/monster shape isn't necessarily a good determining factor imo.

    Primates by their very nature are humanoid and its safe to say that scenes including them is beastiality. Obviously there is no clear defining line with monsters (zombie humanoids, man or beast?), but a creature acting on lust vs one acting on instinct are defining characteristics for me.

  • I agree with Alpensepp the line is definitely blurry between these two… I see it more as fantasy or sci-fi but only in 3Dx, the real bestiality don't like.
    I know that exist a lot of renders of bestiality from 3dx artist but I see it like their own fantasy, not affect me too much and don't bother me too, (If something don't like it, just I don't see it), not all we have the same fantasies and the same tastes. Also I love fullytank work, and he uses many werewolves, goblins, ogres and these fascinate me and I don't think consider them inside of the genre of bestiality
    Ho still remember one day when I was browsing I saw some Japanese in an orgy but these had some masks of: buffaloes, wolves and bulls... they gave me much grace, especially when I saw all the transpiration that coming out for those masks, ohh I don't imagine the heat that suffered those poor japaneses :P

  • For me it depends on how visually similar the beast in question is to an animal.

    Anything that's visually a horse, like unicorns, pegasus, nightmares, and centaurs to a lesser extent, is bestiality to me. Same goes for dogs (Cerberus, hellhounds), cats (sphinx, thoe sabertooth cats from WoW), etc.

    When it's not easily equatable to any of those animals, it's "monster sex". Same basic taboo, different label, but it can make all the difference depending on the mood I'm in while browsing. Naga, slimes, dragons, any fantasy creature that doesn't immediately resemble an animal.

    Then there's humanoids, which is also "monster sex", but again can be a turn-on or turn-off depending on my mood. Aliens, orcs, trolls, minotaurs, ogres, things obviously not human but definitely humanoid.

  • A unicorn I would still consider beastiality, even though it is a mythical creature. An anthromorphic creature, that is actually a little more of a grey area. I would say as long as they are primarily humanoid, they are humanoid monsters. If they are more animal, that's beastility.

  • Well the line is definitely blurry between these two…
    take the example with the horse and add a horn on the forehead... unicorns do not exist, but you would not consider bestiality any longer?

    The arbitrary line for most people is probably how humanoid the creature is (looks and behaviour)... some might consider an image with a Minotaur bestiality, but put a shirt and pants on him and you have a furry/anthro bull, which is "obviously" something completely different and not bestial at all :P

  • lol, yes the "holodeck" on the enterprise, and Quarks seedy "holosuites" would offer an amazing experience wouldnt they? :D

    although I wonder if they are "self cleaning" as I imagine things would get messy in there

  • No, "The vulcan slavegirl" is a holoprogram from Quark. But Orion Slavegirls are also nice. :D

  • @'Nerddesign':

    (except the vulcan slavegirls ;) ).

    Don't you mean Orion Slavegirls? ;)


    An orc and a human is not beastiality. I have a secondary flag, for monster or animal, so you can have humanoid monsters or beastial monsters. So it can still be monster sex, but not beastiality. Just depends.

    Interesting distinction between humanoid/beastial monsters…I tend to agree with that distinction

    I should point out that I find beastiality repulsive, but enjoy monster sex, which is why I find it curious when others think they are the same thing and make no distinction between the two

  • well since the bestiality objective is to mate with a creature, that follows purely on instinct or apparently follows on instinct, and doesn't show human expression… so if the monster is humanoid, has human facial, is anthropomorphic then for me its not bestiality, if the monster is a complete alien or a complete aberration that doesn't resemble with any of our animals, like the majority of tentacle monster, they r not bestiality for me either, only monster that resemble animals/ or animals, that doesn't have facial/expression are for me considered bestiality...

    and for some reason I enjoy watching those stuffs :D

  • I have a very distinct line when I have it on Ambient Dimension. If it is sex with a non-humanoid, it is beastiality. Be it a centaur, horse or dragon. Those are all "beasts" as they are not humanoid. An orc and a human is not beastiality. I have a secondary flag, for monster or animal, so you can have humanoid monsters or beastial monsters. So it can still be monster sex, but not beastiality. Just depends.

  • Yeah, for me it's beastiality. A Centaur or an Ork isn't a human, no matter if it exists in real world or not. For me there is no distinction between having sex with a horse, a centaur or an alien (except the vulcan slavegirls ;) ). That's all beastiality for me. I don't like Monstersex, I find it disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with Monstersex or the people who like it, the work of Hitman for example is very good. But I didn't enjoy the sex, it's the quality of the scene itself I like. That's the reason why I will never make a monstersexscene. But tastes are different.

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