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  • I like having the girl on top, nothings better in my opinion. Being ties to the bed posts and blindfolded during sex is great, but really only do I with a girl you know and trust, otherwise you risk living a scene straight out of some stupid college frat movie. Other than that theres not much else I'd be willing to try…

  • Sorry, I posted the above video without watching it, didn't realise it had one of those stupid "webscares" at the end

  • I wouldn't say its gay, but its not exactly hetero behaviour either

    heres something related to this topic….enjoy :D

  • It's a fairly broad term, no?
    I mean it pretty much ranges from "woman in conrol" to "penis torture" ( ewwwwwww…..)
    Very loosely defined as always.

    I don't if the girl is in control, or the "pushy" one, so I guess I like "light femdom" or something?

    What I really wonder:
    If you like femdom and enjoy seeing a guy getting his ass fucked by a girl with a strap on... is that gay?

  • I don't mind a woman taking charge during sex, as long as I get satisfied too.

    Also if she wants to be in charge she has to respect my rules and boundaries, the same way I would respect her rules and boundaries

    But if she pulls out a whip and a strap-on, I'm outta there fast!

    Some people find being submissive to be relaxing, because theres no real pressure, whereas being in control is actually quite hard work

  • Is short for Female Domination, in other words a dominatrix but in this case between two women or one woman and one man being always the dominant woman in the couple.
    and I like dress up as a cowgirl ;3

  • i wouldn't mind if a girl start the sexual relation, in fact its even more interesting, because it makes ur job much easier :P

  • Usually means women dominating men. Not my cup of tea.

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