how to get free robux?

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  • I love summer, it gets too hot sometimes ofc, but I just HATE cold, so winter and autumn are BAD for me. And yes, woman wear less clothing in the summer, that's when I like to drive through the city :)

  • Summer for me. Yeah, sometimes it gets damn hot, and humid, but I love not having to wear a coat and hat and gloves, or even a sweatshirt - just shorts and a t-shirt - when I go outside. And summer is golf season. And the season when you can get a tan and not look all pasty white. Women wear less clothing in the summer, as well, so that makes it even better.


    By spring, you have to deal with lovebugs, nature's crime against humanity.

    Nature is a repeat offender, then, because where I live it's boxelder bugs, and they usually make their appearance in the fall.

  • It's basically that transition period between Winter and Spring, which is the best. You still get the fine cool air with the heat. By spring, you have to deal with lovebugs, nature's crime against humanity.

  • I like the winter, because it is the season when abound the hugs and body heat is the best coat :P

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    We don't have that much seasonality here compared to Europe. It does get pretty hot and cold though, not that we see any snow or anything. Probably the reason I'm pretty indifferent about seasons.

    The best thing is that we have opposite seasons to the rest of the world, so we get to celebrate stinking hot Christmas with a beer at the beach.

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