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  • Since I am now going into research mode in trying to work something out which I might be able to use later on, I stumbled over this oh so very interesting piece to look at. The guy built his custom rig and basically just fits a model into it to later on animate it very easily.

    What I find especially nice is that his workflow is really smooth, but I wonder how he is moving the vertices around later on when he finetunes them around creases and bends. Anyone with 3dsmax experience could help me out here? Is there a shortcut to move them in this way? Or is it something that comes from the weight tool perhaps? Like increase/decrease vertex weight for example?

    Also, on a different note, importing the Genesis mesh in FBX format already gives you a decent looking rig with some dummy bones without IK solvers. Which already bends relatively nice I must say. The only things that dont work so well are of course the tips of the bends and the butt area. But I am pretty sure that this can be worked out once I got a run through some rigging and skinning tutorials and gained some routine in editing those!

  • @'fredfred5150':

    For future reference the buttcrack/crease is called the "cleftal horizon" (it was mentioned recently in a comedy show I watched)

    Hmm, I thought the correct term was intergluteal cleft -

  • such poetry!

  • @'matthacker':

    The shoulders and butt crease/crack worries me.

    For future reference the buttcrack/crease is called the "cleftal horizon" (it was mentioned recently in a comedy show I watched)

  • Wow, the skin looks very good, but I don't like the face of the girl. But that's personal taste.

  • Why not use what you already have? What you learn in C4D should be translatable to other apps as well. The advantage of using such apps (instead of Poser and DS) is that it should offer more flexibility in rigging (helper bones for muscles, joints etc).

    With FBX import in DS4.5, you can import your model/rig into DS. Haven't tried it myself, so don't know of the problems associated with it. But it beats making stuff up from scratch again.

    I've been seriously thinking about it. But after making BB M4 and the genital/anus thing.

  • Yeah I think so. I mean why not if youre working in a proper 3d. You got to create your own stuff anyways so you can do it proper in that case :D

    I am so very tempted to just play around a little with 3ds max and bones pro atm. Might just get the student version and check it out.

    Thing about the Eva based figures is the pricetag. If it was something around 100-200 I might really think about it. But 800-1500 is too much for just a figure. Some 3d apps itself dont even cost as much as that … I respect it though, must have been a massive amount of work when you look at how much detail can be found in the models.

    And on another note. Mentalray skinshader just looks absolutely fantastic!

    edit : and I like this one from Stahlberg alot.

  • Eva's forearms scares me. It's like looking at Miki4 all over again.

    Why can't more people learn from the master, Steven Stahlberg.

    Some of his works you've probably already seen.

    For a peek at the wireframe for his base model, take a look here: Stahlberg

    If I remember correctly, he used a lot of morph targets (blendshapes in Maya) to reshape joints and bends. Don't know about the workflow with clothes, but I'm guessing dynamic clothing.

  • Been browsing more of those custom built models.

    Check out her turbosquid profile. Theres quite a number of really well built models there. Man, I am so jealous of this ;)

    This one especially

  • Youre right matt, although since this is rigged in max, changing the morphing around the shoulders should be something you can do as easy as it is with Daz Studio magnets or jcms.

    Of course, a model like this would need a community around it with people creating morphs and such, otherwise theres not really a point to it.

    I could live without tons of clothes, but the morphs are important. Clothes can be put together through Marvelous Designer which also has a very good pipeline to 3ds max or by using the inbuilt clothes sim stuff.

    Just not really eager to spend massive bucks on something that might suck in the end, lol…

  • The shoulders and butt crease/crack worries me.

  • Wow. That's realism at its finest. That would be a nice model to get.

    You could always get the non-rigged version and save $500 if you know how to do it yourself. Or you could make Santa Miro get it. :D

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