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  • This story sends chills down my spine… :P

    Imagine the horror of being in that situation!!!!!!

    Heres a few stories from my country

    Lord Dufferin
    Lord Dufferin, an Irish lord who had been viceroy of India and who had travelled the world, a highly respected man and soldier, was staying with a friend in Wexford when this incident took place. He was sleeping in a very comfortable room in the old estate his friend owned but for some reason found that he could not fall asleep. This was unusual for him and feeling very annoyed he got out of bed and went over to the window. He had been standing looking out over the grounds for some time when he noticed movement. What he saw next was very unnerving. He made out the shape of a man carrying a heavy load on his back, which lord Dufferin eventually realised was a coffin. As the man passed his window, he turned his head to look up at Dufferin but the sight of this man made the lord stand back, as his face was horrific and deathly in its self. However, after this happened Lord Dufferin was able to go back to bed and sleep soundly. The next morning he discussed this incident with his friend who told him that the house had no reputation for being haunted and that it had probably been a dream. Years passed and Dufferin thought nothing more of that night. He was then appointed the role of British ambassador to France and one morning had an important meeting on the fifth floor in a Paris hotel. He was escorted to the lift but when the doors opened his eyes fell upon the lift attendant who was the same man who had carried the coffin all those years before in Wexford! He stepped back and waved the lift away, leaving the hotel manager astounded as to why. Suddenly as the lift reached the second floor there was a terrible screeching noise and then banging and clashing and the hotel staff flew into a panic. The lift cables had broken and the lift had crashed into the basement killing 5 people, including the lift attendant. Lord Dufferin made inquiries as to who this lift attendant had been, but no one knew anything of the man as he had been hired that day to replace the normal lift attendant who was sick! All those years before in Wexford, Dufferin had received a ghostly warning from the grave - from a man who was not even dead yet!

    The Captain
    This story is centered around Belfast Docks. It happened sometime in the early 20th century. Every night one of the watchmen at the dock would be visited by the captain of a foreign ship that had come into the docks and they would have a chat (bearing in mind that there was a language barrier, I'm sure the chats were only brief but apparently they were regular and passed a bit of time for the watchman). Now all of a sudden the captain stopped his visits and on the second night he didn't appear, the watch man decided to go over to the ship to find him. When he asked for the captain, the crew on board the ship seemed somewhat puzzled, so the watchman explained about their chats and said that he wanted to see the captain again before the ship left. A crew member asked the watchman to describe the captain, which he duly did, to the amazement of the crew. It turned out that their captain had hanged himself on their voyage and his body had been held on the ship until another boat came to collect his body and take it back to his country of origin. The body had been picked up 2 days before - the precise day that the captains visits to the watchman stopped!

    John Street

    John St was the portion of road which connected Donegal St to North St. It was demolished during the construction of what is now Royal Ave in the 1880s, with the present Telegraph and Central Library being two of the new buildings to occupy it. One section of the old street consisted of a row of small country type houses, one of which was derelict and boarded up for a number of years because it was said to have been haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman.
    The residents of the street told how the former occupants were terrified out of their home in the 1860s by a ghost who threw various items of pottery and furniture around the back downstairs room and that on one occasion it wrecked every item which sat in the yard. One of the families' children later claimed to have seen what appeared to have been an old woman walking up and down in the back room talking to her-self. The young girl then stated that the woman completely disappeared before her eyes. The family fled the house and after doing so the owner boarded it up and it was never let again.
    In May 1882 workmen were laying new pipes and sewers through the street and as they were digging the trenches for pipes one of them discovered what appeared to have been human bones. The police were called and the bones were later found to have been of an old woman and appeared to have lain buried for a number of years.
    The bones were removed and buried in the Union Graveyard and the haunting were never heard of again

    Friar’s Bush

    Another haunted place in Belfast seems to be a dark underground tunnel connecting the Ashby and David Keir wings of Queen's University. The two blocks are close to the site of a former monastic settlement that is believed to date back to the fourth century.

    Friar's Bush, one of the city's oldest graveyards, is nearby and has a plot for those who died in the cholera outbreak of the 1880s. Many academics refuse to go down the tunnel on their own, spooked by the intense, unnatural coldness.

    The tunnel used to be used by students as a faster route from one end to the other and is situated close to Friar's Bush Cemetery. Apparently, 3 students were discussing the haunted reputation of the tunnel when one of the young men announced that he thought it was all nonsense. His two friends then dared him to walk along the tunnel alone that night and he agreed, determined to prove that he was right. That night the 3 friends set out to the tunnel. The young man entered the tunnel and agreed to wait for his 2 friends on the other side as it would take them longer to reach the spot where they would meet. Now, for some reason, the tunnel was dark but the young man set off, feeling very pleased with himself and the display of courage that he was putting on. As he made his way through the tunnel though, he began to lose his nerve and become frightened. He had the eerie feeling that he was not alone and that something was watching him in the tunnel. He began to slow down and trip up in his panic and he became confused and lost his bearings. What should have been a short cut took a very different turn. Suddenly, he felt a reassuring hand on each arm and relieved that his two friends had not left him alone after all, he composed himself and the 3 friends made the journey to the end of the tunnel together. As they reached the spot where they had agreed to meet, the young man made a shocking discovery. His two friends were anxiously waiting for him outside the tunnel, concerned that his 'short cut' didn't seem to be working out. As he turned to look at his rescuers he quickly realised that he had been alone the whole time! So, who had offered him reassurance and led him out of the tunnel?

  • miro that statement came too fast too quick to imperativly as if ur trying to convince urself from the statement, so confess us, u have some fear of ghost story, there is no shame in admiting ur weakness :P

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    I don't believe in ghosts :P

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