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  • Zzomp sets the bar,in Monster Vs Babe 3DX

  • Long time no see. :D

    Too bad there aren't gammorrean models to use in your monsters. I could think of some funny sick shit where you play a 'vile gangster'.

  • Looks like he's about to give her CPR….from the inside :D

    Good stuff!

  • … new stuff incoming :D

  • I must say that my approach in 3dX is because your work mostly! Simply I love it. I'm a big fan!!!
    Thank you for share it with us!

  • Any updates on the Guardians project you were doing?

  • Loving this scene! Good work!

  • Ha, thanks for showing us 69'ers some love Zzomp. That shit looks like a real jaw breaker, though, I'm sure big guy don't mind. Good stuff! :)

  • … for 69 lovers :D

  • Very nice work, looking forward to part 2 :)

  • Social Network - Part.1 available on my blog :rolleyes:

  • Awesome work on the Tihanna vs Orcs part 3. Great that it was images, not a pdf, this time :)

  • @'Zzomp':

    All started when Jenny Poussin contacted me on deviantart, I though it would be nice to find "real" models to collaborate with…specially if they have not done hardcore stuff before.
    You cant imagine how many requests I'm receiving this days about my incoming Marie-Claude Bourbonnais set :D

    So they come to you eh? Well, your stuff does get around on the internet. Quite fast if I do say so myself. Several times I find I haven't even posted it anywhere yet. And boom. I already see it uploaded somewhere I was going to go post. You have people who post your stuff within hours on popular sites like luscious, e-hentai, and the like.

    I prefer "flesh" monsters :angel:

    How about partially cyber and the rest flesh?

    EDIT: BTW that one girl up there, Helena looks kinda like Rangiku Matsumoto.

  • @'Uptick':

    hey zzomp, what male genital pack do you use ? especially the one used in post #221

    ULF Gens 2.0 + Jepe's Expansion ;)

  • hey zzomp, what male genital pack do you use ? especially the one used in post #221

  • Looking forward to the third part of Tihanna and the orcs, looks very promising so far

  • She reminds me of Rangiku or Orihime from Bleach oddly. Probably just the fact she's a busty girl with long orange hair really though. Is she a priestess or witch of some kind to say the title is "the Moon Guardian"?

  • something like this ?

    Yeah, something like this :heart:

  • @'Syneray':

    Hmmm, Helena… She looks damn fine. She's so much higher grade, than Marie Claude. Yes, she's not real, but that maybe makes her even better :D I imagine her joining forces with Velvet or Morgana and couple of demons having, you know, good time...ehm...hardcore fuck.

    something like this ?

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