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  • Hm for me it really varies greatly.

    I must say though that I havent really done anything that I would really call a complete breathtaking image where I left it all out there. Thats mostly due to the fact that I was learning everything on the fly (I had used 3dsmax around 15 years or so ago when they werent even owned by Autodesk, but well in that much time, things do change).

    When working with Carrara I usually had probably 1-2 hours setup, 10-20 minutes for rendering, then another 5-10 minutes postwork and done, lol. And due to the all-inclusive nature of Carrara where you can use Poser figures and pose them inside the app and also use the render engine inside the program, things were very very quick.

    Now with the current workflow including Daz Studio for posing, then port the geometry over to Cinema4D, then having to recreate the materials there basically all from the ground up, at least once per new scene (once you have a preset you can of course save it for later use), things are really more time consuming. The results are good of course, but it all takes quite some time. Especially when I start doing a new scenery to pose ppl in. Even when I use something that was modelled by someone else, the creation of the materials really takes a while.

    Creating a new scenery usually now takes around a few hours up to maybe a day or two. Once I got this done though I am normally relatively quick with posing and finding decent camera angles and such. I tend to get carried away in endless series of testrenders, as you may already know when following my thread on this board :)

    One day I wake up and I got the motivation to make a full blown comic, with great backdrops, a good story (lol story in porn…), great looking women, dudes that dont look like complete mongrels and who are NOT bald like perhaps 50% of all the 3dx dudes because it seems that ppl dont like to render dudes with haircuts or whatever... and I actually finish it and not stop after doing the first 10 pages.

    Ppl can have dreams alright? :)

  • This is a good topic because I like to see as well, what kind of times people spend in making a piece. Me, it can really vary, but, using techniques that I've already been using all the time, on average, from idea to final render can generally take 1-2 days, sometimes even just a morning. A lot of times I can knock out a scene in Poser, with props and posed figures in just a few hours if that, depending on how in detail I want to get. From there, taking my figures into 3D max and setting up lighting, materials, and anything else I do, could also take a few hours. That also depends on what else I decide to model into the scene or how in depth I get with things.

    Most of the time what changes the time it takes to finish my pieces are the lighting aspect. I seriously find myself spending more time shifting around lights for a specific look that I can take hours alone doing that. Also, I find doing body morphing can be a factor in how long it takes to finish too. For example, if I'm doing scenes where I need to morph the skin to conform to fingers or other body parts pushing into other parts, I have to sculpt that. Some scenes, I don't have to mess with that.

    I find myself getting side tracked a lot by doing boatloads of test renders, sometimes just for fun because I like looking at them lol.

    As far as learning the apps, I've been using 3D max since the tail end of 2009, so I'd say close to 3 years, but I didn't really start making good progress with it for probably about a year after having it. I use to spend hours upon hours watching and reading tutorials, doing things for myself, downloading things to pick them apart and figure out how other people did stuff. Some serious late nights of plugging away at it which I don't ever regret. Hell, even now, I still find myself learning about features I never messed with.

    Poser was pretty easy to catch onto. Easier than DAZ Studio. I don't know why. I tried both and always found myself settling back in with Poser. It just came more naturally to me. Not sure how long it took to get descent with it as it was pretty user friendly right out of the box for me.

    I don't have much else that I use other than the occasional dabble in Sketchup for making props, but hell, even a little kid that uses a computer could start whittling a model in sketchup in no time. :P

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