PGDM in Marketing Management

  • PGDM Marketing is a marketing management program with a special focus on the role and importance of marketing in modern businesses. Students learn the inside out of the modern business world and are groomed to become highly creative and focused marketing professionals.The PGDM in Marketing Management at the Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMTH) is a program for aspirants in management, seeking to pursue Marketing as their major specialization.Marketing is undoubtedly a function that helps an organization to generate its revenue through identifying and satisfying customer needs. The PGDM Marketing program will prove to be beneficial to the students who have a predetermined choice of their specialization and will give them the right direction in their professional growth towards a career in Marketing. The program has been curated forpeople seeking knowledge and skills in the domain of marketing but also allows them to supplement this with the option to choose a minor subject from the other fields of study. This course will help in shaping the individuals into dynamic corporate ready professionals through a deep understanding of marketing strategies and business acumen they would have garnered by the end of the program
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    Ideal setup in Poser is IDL + IBL + SSS + linear workflow I would say. Which adds tons of render time but it is worth it!

    But yes the effect of indirect lighting is mostly noticeable by the lighter shadows, which adds realism. I would use it for finals, the difference is noticeable especially if you have elaborate environments and interiors. If it's just single figures or similar it may not be necessary.

    The thing with Poser the combination of lighting, IDL, IBL, SSS, linear workflow have big impacts on the final results, so there's always a lot of experimenting involved.

  • In PoserPro 2012 I find I like the IDL images better than non IDL images, beyond just making for softer shadows. Finding the balance between render time and quality is important though. For test renders using IDL, I keep IDl at 14 pixel samples, and increase to 23 or 46 when I want things to look nicer.

    I view it as the cherry on top, though not critical. In making animations, when I need to render 50-100 frames or so, I just keep it shut off.

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