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  • Outlines of your eyes and visions of you Girl, I think I need a minute To figure out what is, what isn't These choices and voices, they're all in my head .Sometimes you make me feel crazy. 1v1 lol

  • @'Jake31':

    Sweet looking nude brunette lady.


    i found a curvy body morph that i really like. i locked the parts i liked and let the morph do the rest. this is definitely what i'm looking for.

  • Sweet looking nude brunette lady.


  • okay, i defined the collar bone more, heightened the neck but made it thinner as well. as mentioned before, her head is slightly larger now to be more proportionate.

  • Okay I get it. I'll fix that later.

    I did increase the size of her head. It seemed slightly small compared to the rest of her body.

  • Just to clarify, it's not the thinness or length, but rather area below the base of the neck where both clavicle meets.

    Just an example of what I mean.

    Another view.

    I do wish she had made more movies, anyway.

    You should still be able to see some shape of the clavicle.

  • Hmm, I've thought about thinning out the neck but not defining it more as I always hate that look. Maybe I should change the height and make it taller?

    I do have the feet fix as mentioned in a previous post. Not sure why the ankles came out that way. I'll look into it.

  • The area around the neck (clavicle and upper sternum) could use a little more definition.

    And I do recommend getting the morphs for Genesis feet to fix the shape when bent like that.

  • spent a lot of time searching for the right hair and skin texture. i like this combo.

    made the breasts smaller or not as large i should say. just didnt look good to me when they were bigger.

    face and body are morphed by me. combination of DieTrying morphs, Genesis Face & Body morphs and Genesis Body Resource Kit 1.

    and lastly the body. might still need a little more tweaking but for the most part i like it.

    i think i'll start posting in the other part of the forum now.

  • okay, so i did a little tweaking to the existing body. also applied the ideal beauty fixes for hip, legs and feet. looks much better.

  • Yeah the render was in Daz with Gabi lights and textures. It's really nice and the texture I'm aiming for.

    I find I have better results with V5 and genesis than I would with V4. I know once I start doing more than just standing poses it needs more tweaking but that's fine with me. I could try Stephanie 5 and see how that works out. I'm gonna redo this using more voluptuous but scale down the lower torso.

  • Probably try a different base shape than V5 or try to use some morphs to get the feet looking better. The V5 base shape creates a ton of problems for feet and thigh/butt bending when you dont just wanna do standing poses. I think V4 shape and basic female work really well here.

    The render looks good, daz studio wasnt it?

  • well spent hours today working on the body and the breasts. only used DieTrying and Genesis morphs packs.

    i like it! so far so good.

  • oh wow, thanks hzr. i'll definitely look into getting those. should help me out a lot.

  • As supro already mentioned, the breast morphs on V5 are really great and mixed into other morphs you can really create a good looking result.

    There is also this one here, which I use quite regularly. Has alot of options to play with.

    And this one aswell. I bet its flying pretty much under the radar right now and alot is optimized for male characters but I really love how many things Ramwolff has included. Its free btw.

    Then there is a must have for me. To shape the ugly looking heels of the default genesis. This really gives you nice looking results.

    If you want to go further you can also get Xameva and meipes Perfect Feet morphs. I think it also has morphs for genesis so you can move the toes into more than just that default unified bend for all the toes.

    Hope this helps as a good starting point.

    edit : I dont wanna clog the thread too much but I just picked up another of those fix packs from the guy who did the ideal beauty feet pack. This one shapes the legs and hip and really gives you good results from what I can say by playing around with it some time. You need to adjust the strength of it since it seems to create a little bulge around the butt in default and standing poses so you need to decrease the strength in such poses if needed but otherwise its really giving genesis a much needed improvement when bending the legs backwards and sideways. I remember having really ugly thigh problems in these.

    Take a look at how smooth things look and then compare it by putting genesis into a position like that in your own daz studio to see how bad it will usually look :)

    Those work really well with basic female and V4, on V5 and the new stephanie5 stuff they tend to give some problems on knee bending but if you can live without the (in my oppinion) bad new morphs of V5 and S5 and base your characters around the basic female mostly then this might be a great buy.

  • Well this sucks. My MB doesn't like the corsair ram I bought. Apparently some of the crucial ram is guaranteed compatible so I'll have to order those.

    Got the 2gb graphics card and windows7 installed. Installed daz3d 64bit threw some clothes on a stock male genesis model and posed it. Rendered it with the stock rendering engine in daz and only took less than 30 seconds. Not bad with just minimum things. I guess that's a good start.

  • Yes, the DieTrying's morphs are not bad. I use them myself. You can get them on ShareCG.

  • thanks Supro. i'll look to get V5 and the genesis body morphs and see where i go from there.

    just picked up the computer stuff i mentioned which i'll be installing today. just have to save all of my stuff to another drive. picked up a 200mm side fan too, yay!

  • Genesis is an interesting thing. I've used it before and it's not bad. Though, it's just hard to move from a great model like V4, especially it's so engrained in many of us. Though, I expect great things from ya.

    To get that look, you will need good breasts and hip morphs. V5's morphs are a good start (breasts morphs included are awesome). I do have to check out DieTrying's morphs. I've heard good things about it. Body morphs also since they provide shape for the character, especially them juicy thighs. :)

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