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  • Well it looks like the free period is done. Though, you can still get it by getting one of the DSON products that are available.

    Also, Daz is offering multipay for V5, M5, and Carrara 8. The site is wonky currently. But you can see if on their newsletter.

  • Yeah, I loaded it all up, all three files, and got the following:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "K:\e frontier\Poser 7\Runtime\libraries\Character\DAZ People\", line 1, in<module>
    import dson.dzdsonimporter
    ImportError: No module named dson.dzdsonimporter

    So I will wait just a little more. Using Poser Pro 2012 (64x).

    EDIT: Smith Micro released the SR3 update yesterday. My updater doesn't see it, so I had to manually get it. Genesis works now.

    EDIT 2: Here is a "quick" render with Genesis female. Added SSS, V4 eye texture and Exciting Mouth for V4. Lights are from Synthetic.</module>

  • Ah someone already was faster. I was about to post that link aswell :)

    Any of the poser users tried it yet?

  • A heads up for anyone who want to try it out.

    In addition to the DSON import, it also includes Genesis Starter Essentials, which is pretty big (440 MB). I'm guessing this is the updated version of Genesis Starter Essentials that started shipping with DS4.5.

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