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    You must be a big Halo fan. Well I hope it's what you were hoping for, it's just a little hard for me to imagine playing a first person shooter on a console :)

  • Okay, first post, here we go. It's 7:12 PM (US Central time) November 5, 2012, or as I like to call it, less than 5 hours to Halo 4! Besides Halo 4, though, I have to go with the XBLA game, Hybrid. Not many people play it, but it's a fast-paced third-person cover shooter made by 5th Cell (whom you may know made Scribblenauts). It's $15 for download on the Xbox Marketplace (or 1200 Microsoft Points). It's also, for some reason, the only shooter I've ever been able to use a sniper rifle effectively in.

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    Can you vote for a game, which you haven't played???
    then I vote for:

  • For me, it was a two hour game called Journey. Pobably like most I've been playing games a long time. Nothing I ever played before made me emotional vested in a character before. I'm not ashamed to admit it but I wiped a way few tears after finishing this game. No game I EVER played before invoked that kind of reaction from me. So even though the other AAA games were very good. This reaction I got from Journey will go down as my game of the year for 2012, and one of my personal top 5.

  • Skyrim for single player. That game ate nearly 2 months of my life. BTW if you haven't checked out the perv modding scene for that and Oblivion, go to There's some pretty amazing stuff out there.

    For multiplayer I'd have to go with Tribes: Ascend

  • That year was kinda subpar imo…
    Assassins' Creed 3 is not out yet, that might change my mind.
    Till then I say Dead or Alive 5
    Seriously lacks some final polish, but I like Fighting Games, Boobs and cute Asians and DOA5 covers all of this lol
    Oh and I like Tina's new idle animation

  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Hands down.

    Then again, I have yet to play Borderlands 2, and December 31st is a ways off yet, so this could change. Torchlight 2 is also a competitor that I have not yet played.

    Mass Effect can die in a fire and fuck you, too, Blizzard, for Diablo 3. >:C

  • I have to go with Mass Effect 3, even though I thought the ending was crap (and the extended cut DLC did nothing to change my opinion).

  • I love the MoH reboot, so for me, that would MoH Warfighter. Unless, Bethesda and id managed to ship enough DoomIII and Oculus Rift.

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