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  • Thanks for the tip. Don't know if its applicable in DS though.

    As I understand it, diffuse (particularly diffuse strength) and SSS is very closely tied in DS. You don't have to use a diffuse map or even color, but strength should always be high for SSS to show. Conventional wisdom dictates lowering the value of diffuse strength, but I prefer messing with the color values instead (ie, 80% x 255 is about 200). That way I have some control of the colors and can make easily adjustments for different looks/textures.

    I generally first try to avoid using any kind of map to see what is the upper limit of my SSS settings. Once that's done, I tried a mix of the default maps (color, bump or specular) as the SSS map to see what they would like. Bump maps in general is bad though, since they produce odd artifacts on the eyebrows (that's why I hate baked in eyebrows). Not many texture sets comes with SSS maps. Haven't tried Interjection though.

    Good tip about transluency. Unfortunately, omnifreaker's shader don't allow much leeway in SSS depth. None, actually. I can only see refraction and scale. Sure, the readme says scale controls how far the light goes through the object, but from testing it's not that much different from strength.

  • One quick throw in. When mixing diffuse and sss try to go for the basic colour map in diffuse channel and then just use a cavity map in the diffuse transparency slot (or an inverted one if its diffuse strength ofc). And make sure to check out how transparent it will be when the sss is completely turned off. Try to aim for a relatively translucent look like maybe 30-40 percent diffuse. This way you will keep the lines of details on the skin and dont loose those when theres not much light falling on the skin.

    Having the sss take over too much is usually making the skin appear too dark and blurry. I am not sure if thats as visible in DS as it is in Vray but there it is giving me a damn headache :)

  • I seem to be on a roll.

    The skin is the same, but I loaded a specular map for the face and wanted to see it with and without SSS. For the first image, the light setup is still the same light, but I disabled the two specular only lights. For the second one, I wanted a soft look so I copied the light settings from the second and third test, use that on two lights but set their strength to 50%. The light from the first image was then disabled.



    With SSS


    The teddy is from the Boudoir Whispers set. I wanted to experiment with cloth, specifically trying to mimic cotton/lace. The cotton setup started with the same base as the skin, but tweaked to allow light dispersion via changing color intensity for opacity. The default diffuse map was used as a diffuse strength map, so I can set the diffuse color to pure white. Had to turn off transluency, since it doesn't seem to look right on non-lit areas.

  • Thanks hzr and miro.

    You're right of course, hzr. But I'm too lazy for postwork.:D

    I think I finally found just the right combination of shader settings. The good thing is that it's flexible enough to allow some variations, like oily/wax (via the second specular) and tint/tone (via the ambient tab). I think I finally understand all the nuances of DS SSS block. Still not as good as SSS on vray or mentalray, but those aren't available for DS.:(

    I already tried playing round with both shader mixer and shader builder. Unfortunately, the available blocks don't have options to separate effects per color channel (RGB), which I think is essential since light dispersion and wavelength are closely related.

  • If I have to choose it would be the first one, but they are all looking good. I like the colours of the skin, also the perky breasts with the very pink nipples are lovely aswell :)

    I bet with a bit of colour balancing in PS you can make it look very good. Its really looking great for a daz render! Btw, have you tried using the shader builder tab so far? You can use this to build far enhanced setups the way you can do it in Poser and 3dmax for example, using nodes and mixing things together with functions etc.

  • administrators

    I like the 2nd one, I prefer when the skin has a bit of a sheen :)
    Also the lighting accentuates her boobs, ass and face to my liking :)

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