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  • I'm assuming that question is for me.

    The answer is no. Well, it used to be hell, no way. So I guess you can call that progress.:)

  • administrators

    Yes, indeed it has, gave it a test run, seems to work ok. Btw, have you switched to Genesis already or are you going to now?

  • Oh, they finally finished it.

    DSON importer for Poser9/2012 is now available from DAZ3D for free.

  • @'matthacker':

    Hmm, that's odd.

    Shouldn't weight mapping settings be transferable? I mean, shouldn't you be able to transfer the weight map separately from the CR2? If I understand correctly, a CR is simply a container file with a lot of references to scripts and other files.

    I'm sure there is a way… I just haven't tried yet. I still have the v4 wm zip sitting, uninstalled. I have not read her directions yet, so i have no idea what it entails yet! But what I really mean is adjusting some bones, adding some JCM and master dials...

  • Hmm, that's odd.

    Shouldn't weight mapping settings be transferable? I mean, shouldn't you be able to transfer the weight map separately from the CR2? If I understand correctly, a CR is simply a container file with a lot of references to scripts and other files.

  • Miki 4 isn't that bad…. though I wish it wasn't taboo to release cr2 files... I would rework those figures and make-em kick ass. I think they just need some extra tlc. Personally I think Alyson 2 kicks ass IF and ONLY IF you spend some time on her face.

  • That maybe so.

    But here's my case. Remember when DAZ started previewing Genesis, they're the ones who tout better looking bends due to the use of weightmapping. Since DAZ chose to do weight mapping separated into three axis, it should be easier to rig a character with much better looking bends than Gen4 and even the current Genesis.

    From my point of view, DAZ dropped the ball with Genesis. It could've been so much more than what we have today. Plus, they also said they were working with SM to bring proper support for Genesis into Poser. So far, no news/progress about that.

    I did wonder what SM/Poser can offer as an alternative. I would gladly migrate to Poser completely if they could come up with a better rigged figure. Even if there are only basic morphs available and legacy support (for older clothing/hair etc).

    But again, you're right. It is apparently too much to ask for a properly rigged model. Maybe one of these days, I'll make my own.

    Just wanted to say, that I wholeheartedly agree about the ridiculousness of the so-called App wars. My position is always as an artist, albeit an artists that's frustated his/her tool doesn't work the way it should.

  • u ask for too much matt, depending on whom u ask. I frequent the Rendo chat room a lot, and most of the folks who get it say Miki has flat feet. I also agree with Miro that this would be a game changer 3 years ago. This is the wrong time to release two new figures, especially with the political climate around the scene. You got people clinging on to one app. Bottom line is that both models would get some action from the hardcore Poser users, but anyone who is used to Gen4 and Genesis simply cant grasp the need.


  • After looking at some shots, I'm definitely not impressed.

    It kinda sucks though. Both SM and DAZ are touting these as next generation figures, but the joint bends still looks like crap, but now you either go with Miki4/Alyson/Tyler for Poser and Genesis for DS. Is it really that hard to make a weight mapped model that works on both app? Or is it just politics/business?

    Oh, well.

  • administrators

    Haven't tried them, but I've seen screen shots. They look a lot better but I'm not sure it's enough to compete with V4/ Genesis.

    V4/ Genesis aren't just a figure anymore they're a complete figure system with a wealth of poses, hair, clothes, etc. I guess they'll get some use from the Poser crowd. I think commissioning Blacksmith was a good move since he's got a bit of a following and his figures are high quality, but I think it's just too late in the game. 2 or 3 years ago this would have been a much better move. I just don't see what these figures have to offer that V4/ Genesis don't.

    Ok I guess the fact that Genesis is Daz only would work in their favor as a lot of people don't want to be force moved to Daz Studio.

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