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  • Lana by Supro
    Julia Chang (zzomp)
    Craigos' 3 main girls
    And pretty much all of darthhell's girls

    I also like Oliver Scheppank's OC Skie Maree. He'll never make a 100% nude of her nor any porn/hentai (can't say I blame him), but in general she's a hottie with the same sort of respect on par with Craigos' main girls. Skie has the whole darkskin blonde "who could strop traffic" trope going on, too.

  • @'Cheetiot':

    Andrea 3000 by 3DGspot, pretty much for her crazy flexibility.

    Yeah, her flexibility is wild, I couldn't believe that part of the movie the first time I saw it!

  • #1 Syndori - Hitmanx3z
    #2 Sasha - Dizzy
    #3 Tara - Miro
    #4 Dr. Sugimoto - Umemaro3D
    #5 Lara Croft - DeTomasso

  • #1 was a no-brainer for me, and #2-4 isn't in any order…

    1. Blackadder's Miriam (love redheads and she's got attitude to boot)
    Umemaro's Pizza Girl (u get pizza and she comes straight to your door, narrowly beats out Sugimoto)
    Supro's Krissy (still holding my breath to see her in the spotlight, hint hint :P Supro )
    Nova's Vanya (something about that blue skin)
    LCK Craigos' Jenny "Poussin" Fatale (based on a french/canadian model)

  • This is a tough question, as I tend to favor ladies I've seen animated, even if some other characters are more attractive.
    Thus, in no real order, I'd have to go with:
    Dr Sugimoto by Umemaro.
    Candy by Blackadder, especially the pit babe pics.
    Vaesark's version of K'rikka, when she still had elf ears not goblin ears (cuteness overload).
    Andrea 3000 by 3DGspot, pretty much for her crazy flexibility.

  • Tara - G4E version (miro)
    Tihanna (Zzomp)
    Sugimoto (Umemaro)
    Sarah (Vaesark)
    Gisela (Blackadder)

    Probably in that order. A sizable gap after the top three; I thought of the first three instantly and had to think a bit for the other two.

    Tara's other look wouldn't have made it in. I like the cheekbones high and the lips wide.

  • Hmmm. kinda tough for me

    Not in any order:
    Darth Talon(Darthhell)

  • thx 4 share,i'm love it !

  • In no order:
    Candy (Blackadder)
    Morgana (Zzomp)
    Lir (Evollusionist)
    Ayako (miro)
    Exotica (looks-can-kill)

  • oh man, this is a tough one… X(

    #1. Giselle
    #2. Sayako [Miro]
    #3. Sarah
    #4. Krissy [Supro]
    #5. Kayo [Umemaro] (she may rise a few notches after the English release of Omega, in Vol.1 I thought she was just adorable, even without seeing her get nailed. Now that I see her in the preview for Vol.2, that was enough to make me put her in my top 5)

    Oh, and a little off the subject but… Did anyone see that Black Adder is working on Dickgirls 4? On his site it says it'll star Skyla, Sarah and Dina! Woooooooowwwwww... :heart:


  • #1 - Dr. Shoko Sugimoto
    #2 - Sayoko
    #3 - Tara
    #4 - Mimi Minami
    #5 - Rika Yagyu

  • No particular order, but I'd say

    Giselle, Miriam - Blackladder
    Ayako - Miro
    Dr. Sugimoto - Umemaro3D
    Lana/Krissy - Intrigue3D

  • My list would probably look something like this:

    Lara Croft by DeTomasso
    Candy by Backadder
    Sasha by Dizzy
    Cathrin by Darklord
    Heather by Darklord

    Not necessarily in that order though.
    Love all of Darklords characters, so hard to choose :P

  • hmmm.. another interesting topic here..
    let's see..

    mine would be:

    1. Gisela (by Blackadder) - though i'm actually thinking of a tighter physique for her, i find Candy sexier compared to Gisela, but i'm still thinking of a slimmer body type.. she's #1 for me because of the face with hair style included, the skin texture, and the lighting which the artist uses on his sets
    2. Syndori (by Hitman_X3Z) - both blue and blonde hair variations are great
    3. The Paladin (by Fullytank) - the one that started my 3DX craze
    4. Suzanne (by gamasutra)
    5. Kendra & Desiree (by Epoch)

  • damn only 5 lol uhhhh off the top of my head

    Syndori - Hitman
    Ayako - Miro
    Tihanna - Zzomp
    Skyla - Blackadder
    Zoey - Supro

  • At the moment my favourites are…

    Bryndel by Zzomp
    Lara Croft by DeTomasso
    Rina by Metalhed
    Syndori by Hitman
    Tara by Miro

  • @'fredfred5150':

    In no order of preference, mine are as follows

    Tihanna (Zzomp)
    Skyla (Blackadder)
    Tara (miro)
    Supergirl (supro) [hard not to [i]really like my own commission :) ]
    Tatianna (3rd-art)

    I'm dropping Tatianna from my list in order to make space for Sarah (Longyyy)

  • Tihanna (Zzomp) but all Zzomp girls are cute&beautifull
    Shoko Sugimoto(Umemaro3D)she is his best charactere but beware to the Pizzagirl too
    Gisela Moretti(Blackadder) Skyla is hot too
    The guardian(svarog, where are you?)

    I'm agree with Miro just 5 name is not enough.There is a lot of other 3d hot babes like the apprentice from Fullytank

  • administrators

    mine are, in no particular order

    Dr. Sugimoto (Umemaro3D)
    Robin (zzomp)
    Nightwidow (Supro)
    Lorelei (HitmanX3Z)
    Giselle (Blackadder)

    lots of other girls that come really close, seriously I could easily pick 20, so just 5 was really tough

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