30 Brilliant Research Paper Writing Topics for Your Next Semester

  • For a budding research student, finding the right research topic is no less than a headache. Students go through countless articles, research papers, and other scholarly papers for that ONE topic.
    Many rely on PhD qualified research paper writing help experts for extensive support.
    Fortunately, we have compiled the following list of topics to help you start writing an excellent term paper. In addition to that, we have included a few must-know tips that you can use to find the best research paper topics.

    · Always choose a topic that interests you. If not, you will lose interest in between and find it challenging to complete the paper.
    · Make sure there is enough information available about the topic. Verified information, facts and data are the backbones of write my paper. It will help you create a persuasive paper and fetch you good grades.
    · It should fit your university guidelines. Also, get it approved by your professor before you begin your paper.
    · Check for references to back up your statement. A research paper is incomplete without verified data and accurate references.

    For now, you can refer to the suggestions below to get started.

    1. Discuss how sexism is portrayed in art, music, movies, etc. How has it changed over the years?
    2. Analyze the role of an artist on a culture.
    3. How has African music shaped modern American music?
    4. How has the portrayal of minorities in the US constitution changed?
    5. Is China's ‘one-child policy’ a success?
    6. Discuss how the meaning of feminism has changed over time.
    7. Impact of the Trump presidency on international relations
    8. Factors responsible for the current rate of unemployment in America
    9. Differentiate the US immigration laws to immigration laws of other countries
    10. Do students from influential background score higher on standardized tests?
    11. Compare and contrast the US education system to the education systems of other developed countries.
    12. How can the US government lower gun-related deaths?
    13. How has divorce rates increased in the US?
    14. Should the US government legalize physician-assisted suicide?
    15. Discuss the effective juvenile punishments to prevent future crimes.
    16. With the increase in US airport security, are the passengers safe?
    17. What programs can prove to be useful to reduce teen pregnancy in the US/world?
    18. Identify the pros and cons of genetically modified foods?
    19. Discuss what the government can do to lower healthcare costs in America.
    20. Successes and failures of the women's suffrage movement in America
    21. Discuss with evidence the relationship between emotional stability and physical well-being.
    22. Examine the history of viral epidemics with the emergence of deadly viruses.
    23. Reasons why Martin Luther split with the Catholic Church
    24. Do sexual abuse scandals affect people's faith in the Catholic Church?
    25. Investigate how the use and elimination of DDT affected bird populations
    26. Analyze the increase and severity of natural disasters in the past few decades.
    27. Why doesn't the US have universal health coverage?
    28. Is drug testing convenient for the patients?
    29. Discuss with reports women’s authority in the constitution around the globe
    30. Identify the drawbacks of a democratic political system.

    And there you go! Bookmark this list and refer to it whenever the need arises. Good luck!

    Summary: Writing a research paper is no joke, especially when the task of finding the right topic falls on you. Nonetheless, we've shared 30 exciting research paper topics to ease up the search. You will find ample resources on each of these topics, making the writing process more manageable.

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