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    huge fan of Serpieri, likely one of the if not the artists who inspired me to do erotic art in the first place

    have come across a lot of Paul Steeds work as well

  • I would definitely recommend The Downward Spiral and Year Zero.
    There are other little gems on their website though. The Slip is a free digital download and you can find instrumental versions uploaded by Reznor in the official remix part of their website.

  • Funny you mention Reznor/NIN, found one of their songs on a compilation cd a friend made me, been thinking about exploring their music, are those albums you listed a good starting point?

  • For painter/artists, I'd have to say Loomis, Royo, Serpieri and Sorayama.
    Scott Campbell and Adan Hughes for comic book art and with 3d, that would be Paul Steed and Steven Stahlberg.

    But the one who inspired most is Trent Reznor. I still consider The Downward Spiral to be THE defining album. Year Zero was good though and to me, prove that Reznor still have his talent.

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    It's mainly western 3dx artists I follow these days. Umemaro, Double Cream Soft are my favorite Japanese artists. I also like lots of 2D Hentai, especially Magin currently.

    There are other figures who are inspiration, but not as important to me as the above.

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