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  • Thank you for sharing great content. Will be your occasional visitor.

  • yes n_n

    especially if I had the time, I am currently very busy with work, English classes and other things, but eventually I practice with daz and poser although my level is still low u_u, in the future I plan to share my own renders, but I need to practice more and accommodate my life :P

  • At the moment: No, because I'm lazy.
    The urge to create something of my own is not that big, so I don't really feel like going through the hassle to learn all the stuff required to produce something of acceptable quality.
    I guess that's a "No for efficiency reasons"^^
    But since specializing in Computer Graphics during my Master courses is not entirely out of the question, I might have a look at some software (most probably Blender… since it's free) sooner or later.

  • Why would anybody who likes this stuff not want to make their own?

    I would make it my full time job, although I might get so dedicated that I would starve to death because I'd be too busy making 3dx to go and shop for food :D

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