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  • I've worked construction too, not as much fun as the Dozers from Fraggle Rock made it look

  • My parents tell me that when I was an infant I wanted to be a worker man. I loved my Tonka toys. The cement mixer was my favourite. I got to live the dream of my 2 year old self one summer working construction. Pouring cement is not as fun as Tonka made it out to be.

  • I wanted and I want to be pornstar

  • :D

    The earliest thing I wanted to be was Xuxa (she is a brazilian singer that I loved) or Sailor Moon (hoo which times! :P)

    When I was a teen I wanted to be pianist and be the William Fichtner girlfriend (still I even love him :P) or hockey player

    Now I am enjoying my "party decade" :D but when I'm more mature, I would like to be owner of a rock bar, or a rehearsal room (I'm still saving to fulfill that dream n_n)

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