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  • @'HereSince:

    Thanks for the answers everyone.

    @ArgonCyanide777: ZBrushCore doesn't seem to have the bridge to 3rd party software see under "Import/Export".

    Luckily an addon for Futalicious just came out, so I will be using that for now. :D
    But I will probably use a custom texture, the default ones are looking quite pale…

    The limited textures for Futalicious are its main downfall if you ask me, and I hope Meipe or another vendor addresses that soon. For now, I use Photoshop to alter the color settings on the existing textures until I get something that works. Also keep in mind that the shaders, not the textures, on certain characters simply do not play well with Futalicious regardless of the texture on the pecker. In that case, Studio has a neat ability to replace the shaders on your character while keeping the textures intact, simply hold down CTRL when you click on the textures file for a character that you know works well, and it'll give you a popup where you can replace or ignore the image files. Select ignore and you're on your way. My go-to shaders are Rhiannon's 'Saffron' character, they seem to work great pretty much all the time.

  • Thanks for the answers everyone.

    @ArgonCyanide777: ZBrushCore doesn't seem to have the bridge to 3rd party software see under "Import/Export".

    Luckily an addon for Futalicious just came out, so I will be using that for now. :D
    But I will probably use a custom texture, the default ones are looking quite pale…

  • i did something similar by merging g2f & her pussy bit geograft.
    here is an outdated & flawed account of the thing:

    the thing is, when you Merge Geometries, the whole daz figure gets changed & will mess with every other future figure. Before you merge, you need to create a new figure that you can safely work on and that will be changed.

    in anycase, even if you mess up, reinstalling your starter content should restaure your base figures.

  • I suppose it is possible with Blender but I don't really know. There are older ones such as gmax but this is limited and obsolete.

    Though Zbrush did just debut with their "core" version of the program which is very reasonably priced as a sculpter program that is more streamlined (i.e. does in 2-3 steps what others might take 5 steps to do). You will need some kind of tablet peripheral better than bamboo + the cut to size 1/8" thick polycarbonate sheet to keep the stylus from scratching the face of it. I'd suggest Huion h-600 pro as a middle of the road alternative to a more expensive (albeit better) Wacom but to each their own, get something that is comfortable to work with and works in a way hat doesn't frustrate you like touchy or inconsistent distance sensing of the stylus distance and movement.

    As far as what you're looking at doing, yeah that's geografting. Learn more about UV meshes, rigging (can be done in blender or others). And you'd also need a bit of texture matching for skin. Unfortunately, I'm about as informed as you on the matter of futanari making. I do think both versions with and without testicles should be done–just IMO.

    For what cannot be resolved in the main 3D program, you'll need postworking with an image manipulator (GIMP, corel, photoshop) to compensate for the shortcomings. Look on the bright side: familiarity with a tablet could help speed up the process of postwork if nothing else...

    Best of luck on your journey.

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  • Thanks for the answer. Seems to be quite hypocritical by DAZ, seeing all those revealing dresses in their shop….

  • Geografting is the term used for getting this done. I've not done it, and haven't read too much on how to do it.

    The products currently available do work fine, but IMO they should have only grafted the shaft and balls instead of the entire pubic area, because matching up textures is a pain in the ass unless you're a Photoshop whiz.

    As well, the way Daz cut up the meshes for the Male and Female figures' genitals appears to have been done specifically to make it extremely difficult to make futas/dickgirls/hermaphrodites. And then how/why they spread out the UV map for each set is simply mind-boggling.
    I have never seen a company so intent on driving away a given customer base by making it so difficult to use their products for porn. Nikon and Sony don't care if you use their cameras for it. Sealy and Serta don't care if you use their mattresses for it. Broyhill doesn't care if you use their sofas for it. Adobe doesn't care if you use Premiere to make your movies on. Apple and Microsoft certainly don't care.
    But Daz don't want no part of no fuckin.

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