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  • We could use Loomio to discuss ideas and proposals and to make decisions collaboratively

    I tried to paste the link here but the bot thinks it's spam. Just google 'loomio'

  • We could use this to discuss ideas and proposals and to make decisions collaboratively

  • Here, we can use to discuss ideas and make decisions collaboratively

  • Guys,

    I am well aware that there are barriers and many problems may come up. There are also a thousand stories of sucess, people working together doing great things. I am a doer and I am interested in meeting folks with enough optimism to give it a go.

    I am proposing a small and democratic exercise. We could use Loomio or Trello or even this forum to discuss and decide a story (as short as one page) and how to go about its creation. I am not precious about anything, and happy do any part of the work (story, script, characters, posing & expression, scene, lighting, comic book design,…)

  • Another potential problem I foresee is that one person comes up with all the story ideas/script and delegates the graphic work to others. The artists submit their drafts and the writer suggests changes. This goes back and forth until you have a finished, acceptable product.

    The problem in that is that many artists are very sensitive about critique, and working alone for years due to the very nature of the work itself, they have no real-world experience creating art by direction rather than purely from inspiration. This manifests as "I'm not making "MY" art, I'm merely drawing Superman". This is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people.

    There are many other hurdles, but that to me is the biggest one: the concept of teamwork among people who produce art as a passion and from inspiration, rather than as a job. A lot of people don't want their passion to become "work", because then it's no fun.

  • long story short, there is a good reason why most people work solo

    everyone has his own workflow, makes it difficult to cooperate with others. different pace, tools, render engines and so on…

    ok there are a few more reasons, but i guess thats the most important one :)

  • Or we can use a more classic character, if you prefer (attached). Personally I quite like a more-normal looking type

  • Undeniably, there is a lot of 3DX talent around working solo for the most part. I can only think of the great boost in productivity, learning and creativity we could achieve if we had a little coordination. I would propose start with something simple, something to find out how this collaborative work may work.

    By something simple I would mean a short story, two or three panels. I am attaching a sample of what I mean.

  • I perhaps don't read the news as much as I should here. :) That said, I read the link.

    I agree, but at the same time realistically speaking if the porn industry is on the downturn and we're a niche of said field, how do we expect to have much of an impact? intently looking at you silently a moment for emphasis
    This being besides the question of whether or not we're doing this as a freebie or for pay? To push a point in general: Okay, you're 'making pr0n comics'–what are you going to be doing with it? Rhetorical question, but food for serious thought.

    Whatever its direction it must be startup and indie all the way. We as a website may get 'noticed' by the giants in the industry, but we can't sell out to the mainstream for others to profit because our enemies in the industry are those responsible for making it mainstream. Vanguards to slay the old guard giants is my thoughts. It's ironic, I know. I realize that may one day be "us" and the newcomer will be upon us much in the same way, but such is life in the jungle.

    My any prior experience relating to this is in direction, stage and set, acting, performing arts productions, amateur broadcasting, and scratching the surface of being a producer and stunts. So not in publishing as you would want to do, but I get the gist in general.

    The whole thing about comics is it's merely a step up from the storyboarding process. While the article has relevant points, I think if it's going to be a comic, then it ought to just be a comic: Few words as necessary to get the point across, and imagery CANNOT be allowed to wander off and become excessive either. I might make long-winded posts, but when it comes to production, things need to be concise in order to be effective. Period.

    Why? If it's pictures only, then you get an image gallery like those on and similar; if it's all text then it's a novel, with optional images outside of it if the maker so elects... Where you must incorporate elements of both you have to sacrifice a bit on both. This is because you must draw in the readers in a way where the words do some explaining and the images do the rest. It must be in harmony and balanced. If you get redundancy or repetition, then it lacks prioritization; on the flipside if the story is disjointed, inconsistent, or just full of holes, that points to incoherence, incompleteness, or a lack of internal critique in the "proofreading" process.

  • I'm sure there will be different opinions, for now, I enjoy doing both the rendering and the writing (for the most part, except for the blocks). :)

    I'm still new to it, I like the control over the characters. Also I'm getting some more computer parts since my dedicated rig has been blowing up. While I can render with my main comp I can use Word or Photoshop. In other words, my rendering output isn't fast enough I don't think it's slowing me down too much yet.

    But don't get me wrong, others will want to split the work to speed things up, there's no denying with someone story boarding & writing and someone rendering the final product will get finished sooner.

  • Hello Argon,

    Producing a comic book is a complex project but we now have such a range of powerful tools that it is quite possible to make a good product with limited resources. And with a solid business case.

    I think the main challenge is that there is a variety of skills needed and very few people can master them all (I personally think my strength lies is storyline and script). In addition to this, such a venture requires a relatively fast output between one issue and the next. For all these reasons, I think a coordinated effort by a group of individuals is the best approach.

    I am truly impressed by the quality of the art work folks are producing nowadays in the 3DX scene, and I think there isis good potential for 3DX comic books. On that regard, I totally agree on the thoughts by Bianca Rose in her recent article:

    Would you agree? I think we should give it a go with something small and see how it goes

  • I'm hesitant to ask but since (judging by your av) you appear to have means to produce (better sitch than me), what do you think you need in a team?

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