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  • What appalls me most is the Moral Majority are still out there dictating what the rest of us may see or create, because of some fictional belief that "the children!" will see it and suddenly become rabid perverts with chronic masturbation habits, like some bad horror movie where a zombie bites someone, they die in 5 seconds, then they're up on their feet as a zombie doing the same to others.

    It doesn't work that way unless that was already in a box in your head and you saw it was OK to be that way and opened the box to be who you really are.

    I think that's the underlying issue: people don't want to admit that there is such a large segment of the population who do not conform to the traditional "polite society" model of Ye Olden Days, or that "polite society" itself is a worn out mask that people are tired of having forced on them.

  • I heard the UK was back on its bent about blaming porn and vidya.

    I'm blasted as a conspiracy theorist for being a privacy advocate for citizens. I realize over here in the states our laws don't matter to you but on the subject of compiling users' meta data for their viewing habits: I should like to note regarding data handling as a business interest seems to function such that they can ignore their customers' rights. This has allowed entities a way around the 4th amendment which is about keeping the lid on unreasonable search and seizure by law enforcement–which privacy is no small part of. This has enabled the 'snitch state' with no consequences for the ones who would otherwise be violating peoples' privacy and thereby waged a war against human dignity.

    Yes, posting about this on a forum or on any other social media is ironic and does seem to contradict the philosophy as you're giving up your privacy voluntarily (in a manner of which you have full control over). However, that is only a hamper on personal credibility, it does not invalidate the concept of privacy which the "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" crowd (full of anti privacy goons) tries to use to shut up conversation. If the issue isn't brought up here and now, then when and where? (rhetorical question, but you get the point)

    And as far as the writing of some rules…it does seem to raise questions as to what extent they themselves might be indulging? Food for thought.

    Yes there's some vile people who produce porn...but to eliminate the choice of exposing oneself to it or not, though?

    BTW on an unrelated note while I'm not that into monty python, I do appreciate that goofball humor and it inspired a short series on comedy central called "Krod Mandoon and the flaming sword of fire".

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