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  • Hi Rikolo!

    I think this haircut is one of those approaching the most of Bayonetta's Haircut in Bayonetta 2.
    With some modifications, maybe this one as well:


  • ^^^You've ripped it as an object?

  • I have that hair style in my personal archive. Email me know if you want it.

  • Also since you got me to take a more serious look at SFM, you could check that one resource that cranks out vidya characters fully modded and ready for porn. If a 3D game exists, THEY WILL make porn of it…or at least their attractive humanoid female characters.

    I have a confession to make: when I finally saw a decently made 3D Samus for porn, I fell to the rule34 darkside.

    Or if you feel particularly brave, you can try out headshop and hairshop. They use polygon hair you can sort of customize. Since hairshop's base model is genesis 1, it should have little trouble auto-fitting to genesis 2 female--in promo pics for DJ outfit for G2F I've seen the Osaka anime hair on Aiko6, so I know it works. Don't know how well it works unfortunately.

    I have Headshop 9.0 which has parts of hairshop but have not been able to use it thus far (busy with other projects and life). I bought this withthe intention of importing people I'm a fan of (and other volunteers) with photographs. Base models are .obj and genesis 2. Headshop 10 I believe is an update for genesis 3.

  • Damn, Bayonetta 2 was only for the Wii U. :(
    Loved that game on the 360 :)

    As for the hair, I'd say Ayla or Bentley would be closest in style for G2F. Other than that, the old Razored Moffet hair for V3 could work, but you'd want to use Poser's morphing tool on it, and you'll want a great texture, because it's so old.

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