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  • Hi. I am struggling with my Java programming classes. I was wondering whether you offer Java assignment help because I have some papers that I would like to be handled. The problem I have is that the deadline is within a week. Would you complete three papers within that period? If yes what would be the cost and what procedure should I follow to obtain your?

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  • Gazukull 2 cents. Wait for 1080 to.

  • Sounds cool. Should I go ahead and upgrade to a 1070 or 1080 myself now? I'm rendering using only a single GTX 970 card this past year.

  • A heads-up and update to the thread. Daz updated the public beta early this week to I upgraded both rigs and it seems to be running fine along with the latest Nvidia drivers.

    Not sure on the crashing - it ran like 3 nights in a row on the original supply, then bombed once. It's run 3 or 4 days now without issue.

    Could be power, or a lol - I also just saw the cat likes to sit right behind it blocking the exhaust, so I wonder if the PSU could have been overheating from the cat. :D :@

  • Well the fun thing here appears to be that I could easily upgrade my mobo/psu/case and simply toss in another pascal GPU. So I'm thinking I'll eventually expand to a Titan X or the 1080ti and amp performance even further.

  • Rumor intelligence suggests that he 1080 ti could arrive as soon as January. It might be time to retire part of my legion of 780 GTX's lol.


  • Coolermaster and Evga calc both tell me the same thing. 616W.

    And I can confirm it. I ordered a pair of 1080's two days ago and I have them installed and operational as we speak. My Corsair 750W PSU is more than sufficient. I've already rendered three shots at 1600 x 2400 in daz studio public build's iray and it's working like a charm. No conflicts with my FX8350 CPU that I can see, so if anyone's on the fence about making the step: make the step.

  • Yeah I checked mine's a Corsair RM 750. And Maxwell is the older generation.

    Did you use the manufacturer's calculators? That's all I did, just plug in the components. Only 650 for two 1080's? I thought they draw a similar amount of power.

  • Hmm so that's on your Maxwells though. Maxwell is the older generation, right? As in, it's not just what the Titans are on but also the 9xx cards etc? Because I've been working with the public build all day today, and I have pretty much the same CPU as you (8350 in my case), and I've had no issues. I also run a Corsair 750W.

    According to some PSU calcing I did I should only need a 650W on twin 1080's, so given the 100W leeway rule of thumb I should be fine. But I'll keep what you said in mind.

  • My main comp has an i7-6700K CPU, and my dedicated render box an AMD FX-8320. I'm on the latest public build, and using it on both.

    Only deal is the AMD box goes down hard, but I suspect it's the power supply. According to calculators I'm just there, I have a 750 watt (Corsair Gold?) with that, an SSD, HDD, and two Maxwell Titan X's. Cooler Master says 714 watt load, but they and EVGA recommend an 850 Watt supply. The system just goes down hard, no power. Gotta turn off the supply and back on before it will boot, and nothing is logged. I have it plugged in to a Kill-A-Watt, which only says I'm drawing 470 Watts while rendering. The power supply is a few years old (they lose efficiency the older they get).

    I did just order a 1000W supply, hopefully that addresses it and it's not a bug with AMD. I think the issue happened with the standard release too, but not sure.

  • Hey, so I thought I'd chime in for this topic. I'm currently running two old GTX 970's so as you can imagine I'm rather lacking in the RAM department. Only 4GB on these, which obviously kills my performance on crowded scenes. I've been holding off on upgrading to a pair of new 1080's (maybe even Titan X's, if my budget allows) because of iray. Can anyone else confirm that pascal support is now legit? It's a lot of money to spend and I obviously have no pascal architecture cards at hand to verify this myself.

    Basically if there are change logs or anything people can link to, or known bugs that anyone could elaborate on, that would be a huge help. Google isn't turning up much, and the change log on the official Daz page for the public build doesn't appear to tell me much. One issue I've found is that there still appears to be a problem with AMD processors in the current public build, the latest posts on that on the Daz forum are a few days old. Anyone here with an AMD processor that isn't experiencing any problems?

  • No idea on network rendering. Probably an exclusive option that Daz farmed out to someone like they did with dynamic cloth, and they're not doing anything with it.

    In other news, I have one scene using the Daz Reading Room that only has 3 G2F and one Genesis Female, and previously it took over an hour to render. By being able to add my Pascal Titan to the mix, it finished in about 20 minutes.

  • network rendering available meanwhile for iray? :)

  • Thanks for sharing this! I've been waiting for Pascal support but haven't been checking the Daz forums. While I don't appear to be getting massive speed gains, a little goes a long way. Just doing tests right now, but it definitely starts rendering faster, with most of the image done at 50% in about 5 minutes. The rest of it's just cleanup.

  • The rules are simple:

    Be the last one to post in this thread, and you win

    What do you win? We'll figure that out along the way

    No cheating

    You can't win by posting something so vulgar that the mods close the thread.

    And you can't win by being a Mod and closing the thread yourself.




  • I just got a 980ti like a year ago so Ill not be updating my GPU for a while.

  • Hi, I am running TP-LINK WDR4300ND V1 and tried to install Webcam Support for Gargoyle plugin.

    System show this "Please wait while new settings are applied…", but when come back, the plugin is not installed.

    Could you help what should be the cause?

  • / i can post last, but i wont. nevermind this post at all. just showing that i can win if i would want to /

  • Quick update - scene with 3 Genesis 3 figures with HD details (& SubD). One of the shots from my new set (in DAZ's Space Station Living Quarters).

    38.6% faster.

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