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  • Your Java assignment help team is amazing. I sent a Java paper due in 6 hours and it was handled within that period and sent back. The paper was amazing except just a few spelling mistakes which I understood because of the short notice I gave you. Our professor has already returned our results and I did very well. Up to this moment, I don’t know how you handled my programming assignment within a short period without plagiarizing it. You have officially become my go to programming assignment help platform.

  • I used Loadz prop for quite some time now :p
    The best appearance I got so far while rendering with Iray - not perfect but can do the job - is by using the Iray Wax Shader on it, then I modified the color parameters.

    By default, the wax shader in DAZ3D should be in:
    Shader Presets > Iray > DAZ Uber
    It should be the last shader of the list.


  • Ok I figured out the issue, I don't have many transparent meterials in the scene so I had specular depth at 1. I bumped it up a bit and it looks better.

  • The file doesnt work for me, do you think you could export it in octane format?

    I am using Path Tracing.

  • ok so here is the duf:

    Medium is the node that tazkes care of how the ligh behaves inside a volume, with absorbtion & scatterring nodes, you find it on Diffuse and Specular Mats (glossy mats reflect light so, no medium node there)

    of course for the medium to work, you need to have Path Tracing or better enabled.
    the pic you posted looks like Direct lighting (which ignores medium)

    hope it helps, keep the questions cumming !

  • Yeah, I think I fucked up somewhere. Also, what do you mean by the medium node?

    edit: ok, I connected the turbulence to both materials' opacity and it looks better.

  • could you upload that as duf file maybe? would be interesting to merge in and play around with :)

  • @'rikolo':

    working in DAZ3D, with Octane to render.

    mix materials, glossy & specular:
    the glossy is the white +ish (rgb color in diffuse node)
    made uneven thru turbulence (in roughness & opacity)
    the specular gives it liquid translucency - plug the above turbulence.
    fiddle with the medium node
    fiddle with turbulence.


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