One Two Slim Colombia: Precio, Pastillas Funciona, Opiniones

  • One Two Slim Colombia La fórmula orgánica activa One Two Slim consta de que los usuarios deben leer detenidamente el guide de instrucciones, incluido en el paquete, para conocer los pasos completos y detallados para incluir las gotas One Two Slim en una bebida. Solo para tu información, To get more info visit here:

  • Those thighs! And that ass! Looks really yummy…

  • Time to get to work!

  • No clues how that get in there :angel:

  • no reason for using gens1, that's the only figure i see when i started using studio. Im looking to convert them to gens 7 but don't know how to do that, i tried but it end up lookin like alien figure lol.

    I like em curves and thickness on her, looks good for me tho

  • Hm. Very good, overall. Good to see someone with z-brush skills (just bought z-brush core myself) and putting them to good use.

    I find it particularly interesting you're using genesis 1, or generation 5. Any particular reasons? Most go to Generation 4 or generation 6/genesis 2.

    The render quality looks good with Reality. For a PBR type, looks decently good. Though IIRC Supro used it with Lana and his other girls.

    Gotta say, though, the girl's legs seem a bit…thick. The boobs seem to match... but the arms... thin and a bit short in the first pic. shrug Maybe make her arms a little longer in proportion to her body, possibly slightly thicker as well?

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