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  • No! I think it's a bad thing, Usually marriage is for life… :P Now imagine that you have chosen a couple that doesn't give you good sex, he/she is bad in the bed... can you imagine spending the rest of your life having bad sex? :( , This can be one of the main causes of divorces, or worse, the infidelity
    In this modern time, know the sexual prowess of your boyfriend or girlfriend, will help you to build a more stable relationship, more funny, more tolerant, more horny, more loyal
    I also believe that both men and women; we want to fuck increasingly more youngs :D
    I do not know what the average age of the users of this forum... I have a 22, and I'm not virgin... for various facts of life, I'm not with the first person who saw me naked and neither with the second :P But I still think that sex is an important part of the couples unmarried and married

  • I think it's personal. There is no better for all, it's just what is better for you. Some people work with no sex before marriage, others do not. So it's really not about facts and figures and analysis.

  • Huh. 4 days and no replies.

    There's a saying that goes "moderation in all things." While I'm not sure I'm interested in being so absolute, there's a degree of truth there.

    Sure, it depends on the folks involved, their backgrounds, their mental and emotional states, etc., but in general it's good to have an emotional connection that mirrors the sexual one.

    It builds a good foundation for a future permanent relationship where strong emotional, sexual, (mental, physical, and social) ties for the basis of a positive human relationship.

    …assuming, of course, that that's what you're into. :)

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