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    Este suplemento no es una broma, ya que también ha atraído bastante atención en el mercado. Entonces, entendamos qué lo hace tan especial y por qué debería comprarlo también. Testo 360 Panam es un suplemento avanzado y clínicamente probado que se fabrica en los EE. UU. En una instalación de fabricación certificada para cumplir con los estándares de la industria. Viene en forma de píldoras que se pueden tomar fácilmente sin preocupaciones para que pueda disfrutar de los resultados deseados con confianza.

  • Thanks for the link mate

  • @'NickVorteXXX3D':

    Gator 672 thank you for your help i will try this shader next time , and yes for the cum i have use a plastic :D

    Thought it looked plastic-y. :D

    Found it. I took his settings with the Nvidia colored wax shader as I also wanted to figure out the nuts and bolts of it. But it's a great starting point. To adjust the apparent thickness you'll probably want to play with the measurement distances under Volume in the Surfaces tab.

  • We all have much to learn :) and it's great that we can do it together.

  • Veneri thank you for your comment i understand , i will try to make more realism and ameliorate my rendering … my 3d is not verry good but i have begin to work on the 3d in febuary 2016 , I have much to learn

    thank you Veneri for your help and sorry for my bad english :D

  • Gator 672 thank you for your help i will try this shader next time , and yes for the cum i have use a plastic :D

  • I assume you are going to let these render longer to clear up that noise?

    Image 004: his dick is too big for my pussy - WAY TOO LIMP :huh::huh::huh:
    You need to address the poke-through

    Image 063: no way a girl is going to hold another up like that. We are all about the fantasy, but incorporate as much realism as possible with your posing; it will make a huge difference.

    Image 085: As Gator said, fix that arm, blatant posing issues like that portrays laziness and we don't want people thinking that of you :P

    Image 093: Those tongues can do with some posing attention as well; for organic members they look like ironing boards :-/

    Overrall, for a comic feel it seems a good start. Depending on what you are rendering with, some AO might help to better define wall and object edges, but don't overdo it.

    Keep em comin so we can see your progress on this.

  • Looking pretty good, but I'd say the cum shader could be better - looks like the plastic shader. Also a bit too much of her arm going through the table on the 7th pic. Are these Iray?

    Nvidia's MDL colored wax is probably the best for cum. Or look for Claire 3DX's cum shader. Use Claire's, or it will be a closer place to start. :)

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