How microeconomics assignment help boosts grades?

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  • Okay, thanks for the answer.

  • @'Nerddesign':

    I noticed that new releases are not excepted from sales. This is something I'm a bit annoyed about. Most sales you made in the first two weeks. If you are unlucky, like me with my last release, there is a sale shortly after you release your set. You can also not plan your release to avoid this because there is no schedule for sales. Is there a way to except new releases from sales? Like DAZ did? Let's say for two weeks or so. What did the other artists think about this issue?

    With the agreement, it does state that the price of the title may be changed for the purposes of promotions or specials. But if you prefer not to have your new release part of a sale, you can contact me about it. It will depend on the age of your title as well.

    I will plan to provide more notifications about future sales. One of the things we'll try is more variety sales instead of just storewide sales.

  • yup, what Nerd says.

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