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  • Ambien is a stimulant also known as hypnotic. You can buy Ambien online as a brand or the generic version. Ambien generic version is known as zolpidem. The difference between the generic and the brand name version is its cost, generic versions are of less cost, and sometimes not all of the dosage strengths may be accessible.

    Ambien helps in treating sleep problems (insomnia) in adults. If you have trouble sleeping, this medicine enables you to quickly fall asleep so that you can get your good night's rest.

    Ambien helps to treat insomnia. The immediate-release tablet helps the user to fall asleep when he goes to sleep. The extended-release form of this medicine, Ambien CR, has two layers, the first coating dissolve swiftly to make you fall asleep, and the second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep.

    Order Ambien online and read the medication guide written on the prescription label. Take this medication on an empty stomach orally as instructed by the doctor. Take this medicine once before sleeping. Ambien effects start to take place swiftly, so it is better to take this medicine right before you go to bed.

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